Be Brilliant Now

Life Coaching to help you...


If your life was a TV show,
would you watch it?

Life coaching will help you:

Get clear on your BIG dream & purpose

Change what is not working in your life

Produce brilliant results consistently

How I can help

Julie-Anne Black is a an internationally accredited life coaching expert helping you to overcome past trauma so you can be bold, brave and brilliant right now

Life Coaching

Julie-Anne's life coaching will help you to stop doubting yourself and sabotaging your success so you can start producing your BIG dream.

Julie-Anne Black Speaker and Life Coaching expert

Mindset Speaker

Leading motivational speaker, Julie-Anne Black, will share practical strategies so you can activate a success mindset. You are the hero of your story.


Our online events are fun, practical and easy to master with immediate results so you can transform the way you think, act and communicate. 



With a focus on leadership and personal power, Julie-Anne helps you produce a life more compelling to live than a hit  TV show is to watch. 

Life coaching success strategies to boost your confidence so you can be the star of your life

What's getting in the way of your success?

Stop feeling trapped by limitations, stuck repeating bad habits and sabotaging your success.

Unsure of how to go forward – almost like you're playing a bit part in your life movie. Doubting yourself, procrastinating, not doing what you know you need to do. Instead it's time to:

Start being the hero of your story

Give yourself permission to thrive

Take charge of your success and happiness

Act as if you are the star of your life

Have fun actualizing your dreams, making money and loving life

Life Coaching will bring out your best
so you can be brilliant now!

Choose a time &
Book a call

Talk to Jewells, find out what's blocking you from being brilliant. As a result, you'll clarify your thoughts, motivations and feelings.

hard-wired habits

I'll help you see what IS working in your life - what is NOT working and why it isn't working. Rewrite your story to thrive.

Get ready to
Be Brilliant Now

We'll outline a plan with action steps that are practical, fun and easy to master. You'll love taking charge of your success and happiness.

Julie-Anne provides life coaching to some of Australia's top entrepreneurs. Assisting them to get clear on their purpose, breakthrough limiting beliefs and heal self-sabotaging behaviours. She does it quickly with long-lasting results and a whole lot of love. The strategies she shares are practical, fun and easy to master. You are 'Brilliant'! Thanks for everything you have helped me with, Jewells.
I'm Julie-Anne Black
Be brilliant now with Julie-Anne Black

Hello, Brilliant One!

From the moment we first envision our BIG dream and decide we're going to try to make it our reality - we feel so empowered, on point and ready to give it our all.


But what happens when things don't work out as you'd hoped and you feel your own success story slipping away? Cue stress, doubt and worry along with feelings of not being good enough.


I want to put your mind at ease. As a Human Behaviour Specialist and an accredited Master Life Coach, I've taught thousands how to break through limitations and take charge of their success and happiness. I can show you, too. Especially if you've tried all the things and you're still not producing what you want. Life coaching, our way, works.

I believe the most spectacular results occur when your confidence, creativity and performance all intersect. When you unleash these aspects remarkable things happen and your attitude shifts from dull to brilliant!

~ Julie-Anne Black


Be Brilliant Now Sarah
Emerging Leader

When I first met Jewells, I was feeling unhappy with my life as a whole. Everything seemed dull on a day to day basis. I knew I wanted passion, colour, connection and meaning but I didn't know how to articulate that - let alone manifest it. When I saw the short course on body language Jewells offered at the CAE; I felt drawn to it as it provided insight into understanding why we behave the way we do. Investing in time with Jewells to get crystal clear on what is important to me, and what type of life I ultimately want to be living, was one of the most important decisions I've made.

The support and advice that Jewells gave me were invaluable! She has a unique ability to understand what I wanted to say when I couldn't find the words, and in helping to verbalise these deep and complicated thoughts, she helped me to have some big realisations. By getting clear on what I wanted, and most importantly why it had to happen, I have been able to manifest my dream of living in Mexico with my amazing partner and of living a balanced life of adventure yet comfort. I can now use what I learnt with Jewells whenever I reach a crossroads and want to make a decision that feels right to me. Thank you Jewells! You rock!!

Julie-Anne Black from Be Brilliant Now with the divine Fiona J Lindsay.
Fiona Joy
The Networking Formula

Thank you SO, SO, SO MUCH for everything you have done for me, put up with and worked through with me. I’ve been trying to get this stuff sorted for the better part of 10 years and just never really found the right person. I knew right from the moment I met you that you were it.  I don’t think I have ever felt this light before in my life. I don’t feel so panicked and chaotic in my head and being, which is a fantastic relief that I am just not able to put into words.

The very fact that I’ve attracted two of my largest paying clients to me in the time we have worked together is pure testimony to the work we’ve done. This process isn’t for the faint-hearted. You do have to be willing to confront the demons you may have buried for a very long time, but the result is SO worth it. Don’t live one more day of feeling like crap.  A loving, colourful, crazy-ass soul is waiting to navigate the path with you, and it’s not as scary as you might think.  Cannot thank you enough Jewells – you are AMAZING more than words or actions could ever communicate.  MWAH!

what I believe in

I believe we give too much attention and waste way too much energy focused on what we don't want and don't yet have. This breeds discontentment and helplessness, self-sabotage and destructive thought patterns. So what if you repurposed that energy and focused it on how you actually want your life to be. Seeing, hearing and feeling your own Hollywood style "happy ending".


Be creative in your thinking, your style, your life.


Reflect, review, realign and celebrate. Be grateful. Look for the blessings every day.

Make a difference

Care about the impact you have on the people you meet.

Set Intentions

Be conscious about the direction your life goes.


The world needs more kindness. Learn to be kind to yourself.

believe in magic

Share your goodness and sprinkle it everywhere you go.

Be curious

Travel outside your comfort zone and into the unknown.

Have fun

Live passionately, love fully and be wickedly brilliant.

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