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All loved up to Be Brilliant Now! Here's to a new dazzling decade bring your BIG dream to life!

"That loved up feeling you have when even your pack of Samboy chips delivers love hearts. 💕"

WOW! We have arrived. Not only to the start of a brand new year we've also leapt into a new dazzling decade!


It’s such a whacky ride! 

The ups and downs, swings and roundabouts. The control and surrender. The resistance and peace.

Sometimes it can all look like a hot mess and other times blissful chaos, peaceful flow and fun happiness.

No matter where you are right now, try to love everything about it. It’s not always fun, elegant or profound but it is your life. You are safe. And you are very, very loved.

There is a light in you that shines brightly. Find it and nurture it and do your best to share it with the world. We need your BIG dream, and your bold, brave, brilliant spirit to make a difference having a positive impact in our world.

We all have fears and rather than fighting them in isolation, let’s stand a little closer and we'll rise above them together. You’ve got this and I'm right here with you.


You’re smarter and have more courage than you know.
  • Breathe deeply
  • Refocus on your BIG dream
  • Stay hopeful
  • Take another step forward 👣
  • And be bold, brave and brilliant right now. 🥰


It can be really tough starting a new year, especially if you don't feel like you're where you 'should' be starting from. The thing is, it's the perfect time to reset because anything is possible. That's what makes it so exciting. It's a brand new episode of your life where you can produce, write, direct, edit and star in the life scenes of your choice.


So let's check-in:
  • What do you want more of this week, month, year?
  • You know you need to stop doing.....?
  • Your heart calling you to start doing.....?
  • Could you face your fears with kindness? Celebrate more? Berate yourself less? Lighten up? Have more fun? Loosen your grip on things needing to be a certain way so they can actually become the way they are meant to be?


You have a lot more power over your storyline and the way you show up.


This is a great reminder that your life is waiting patiently for you to stop being your own best-kept secret. So shake it out. Give yourself a hug and reassure yourself we're in this together.

Let's be a little kinder and more gentle with ourselves. There actually is no rush. No need to hustle. Talk yourself in to going after your BIG dream, rather than out of it and get on and do what needs to be done. YES! So empowering to be this much in control of the successful completion of the outcomes you want.

Reach out and introduce yourself, I'd love to hear from you. Ask me any questions, share your thoughts and insights. Let me know what you'd like to learn more about as well. Feel free to message me anytime. You can also book your FREE 20 min Spotlight Session here.

From my heart to yours.
All my love and blessings to you sunshine. Here's to 2020 vision.


PS: Sometimes you need a spotlight to see exactly what's working in your life - what isn't and why. Book your FREE 20-minute Spotlight Session today. It could be the boost you need to be bold, brave and brilliant right now.


About JulieAnne

If your life was a TV show, would you watch it? Julie-Anne Black International Speaker, Author, Producer and Joy Advocate. Creator of boutique training and mentoring company Be Brilliant Now. Julie-Anne combines the secrets she learnt as a top TV producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) with her expertise as an internationally accredited mind-set, body language and NLP trainer to help you escape Groundhog day, direct your future and be the star of your life. "My mission is to show you how to take charge of your success and happiness by boosting your communication skills and shedding those BS excuses so you can produce a life more compelling to live than a hit TV show is to watch." Are you ready to be brilliant now?

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