Learn how to receive a compliment with ease and grace

Learn how to receive a compliment and ba brilliant now

Do you ever get embarrassed when someone says something nice to you or gives you a compliment?


They may compliment you on:

  • a job well done or
  • the way you handled a situation or
  • your recent successes or
  • how healthy you look or
  • your outfit or
  • just because you're awesome or
  • anything nice


And what do you do with their well-intentioned compliment?


Do you feel uncomfortable? Or shirk it off immediately. Go into some story saying "this old thing" or "thanks but it was a team effort" or "you look great too". Or do you not really know what to do or say and just get a little overwhelmed and embarrassed by the attention?


You crave recognition yet feel awkward when it comes your way.


This phenomenon is very common, especially for women and creatives. The challenge I've witnessed time and again is how so many people are craving validation and recognition. And yet when it comes their way they have no idea how to accept and receive the compliment.


If this is you, let me show you a cheeky, playful and super simple technique that will not only put a smile on your face it will, more importantly, help you receive a compliment with ease and grace.


This simple phrase will re-energise a potentially awkward situation and bring laughter and validation to all involved.


How fun!



"Thanks for noticing"! How simple, cheeky and light-hearted it is to say and yet oh so powerful! Enjoy using this technique the next time someone gives you a compliment or says something nice about you and you are lost for words or feel yourself handing it straight back to them.


And I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment and let me know how you go when you say "Thanks For Noticing"!


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