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Julie-Anne Black is a global motivational speaker
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Julie-Anne Black shares her tips to be brilliant now in front of 500 entrepreneurs
Julie-Anne Black in action giving a keynote presentation that captivates, educates and inspires her audience to be brilliant now

Captivate. Educate. Inspire

Considered one of Australia's hottest rising stars and thought leaders in mindset, communication and human behaviour. Julie-Anne Black gives presentations that pull focus on the connection between your thoughts, words, actions and results. Giving you the strategies, confidence and know-how that comes from being brilliant now.

Did you know the most dastardly villain in the hero's journey is to have a BIG dream and then sabotage your success by second-guessing your ideas and doubting your ability and influence to make it your reality?

The most common question of all is
"Do I have what it takes?"

Every movie you've ever loved is likely because of the tension caused between the hero and their arch nemesis. On a movie set, it can be exhilarating. In your life, it can be exhausting. As if you're stuck in Groundhog Day or on an emotional rollercoaster and can't get off!

At the heart of your audience, they want to make a massive difference sharing their best work in the world. They are emerging leaders and creative entrepreneurs who want to be supported, encouraged and challenged to be brilliant now.

Julie-Anne Black has a fresh approach that simply transforms lives.

With a global mission to show you how to take charge of your success and happiness. Julie-Anne will show you how to boost your communication skills and shed those BS excuses so you can produce a life more compelling to live than a hit TV show is to watch.

In her presentations, Julie-Anne shares the fundamental basics of how and why you communicate the way you do. Why do you make those decisions where you know how that movie ends but you 'say that thing', 'do that behaviour' or 'take that action' anyway. Then have to clean up the collateral damage. Ahhh it can very frustrating to witness and even more so to experience.

There are so many bright stars standing in the shadows of their own potential. Feeling like an imposter wishing they had a voice of influence  If this is you, your team or your audience it's time for a script change. Let's create a way where you produce, write, direct, edit and star in the life scenes that inspire you to love fully, live passionately and be wickedly brilliant!

Keynote presentations that will transform the way you think, act and communicate.

Julie-Anne Black has experience, raw charm, a beaming smile, infectious enthusiasm and zing that are big draws on the international stage as leaders all over the world seek her expertise.

Her commitment to delivering compelling, unique content with energy, passion and humour to make your event an extraordinary experience in the lives of your audience members, is second to none.

It's time to change your inner game and master your mind so you can be bold, be brave and be brilliant now instead of hoping to be tomorrow.

Don't have a topic in mind? Julie-Anne will work with you to create a signature talk specifically for your audience.

 Contact Julie-Anne today.
Julie-Anne was a joy to have on my stage. The energy and commitment she brought to her audience was brilliant. She explains her lessons with perfection and keeps the entire room at attention. It was great watching the audience hanging onto her every word. The exercises Julie-Anne engages with her audience are life changing. After 6 months, we are still practicing them for focus and a reminder of our intentions. Thinking of bringing her brilliance to your company? Don’t waste your time thinking, just sign her up! She will bring you the same light and energy I witnessed. Thank you Julie-Anne!

~ Susan Jacobi ~

Box Office success stories

AESC logo-200px
Simon Armstrong
General Manager

We had Julie-Anne attend and present at our Christmas conference last December. We had a room of approximately 45 people. Julie-Anne provided an overview of her interesting and exciting life up to now. Then provided a few fun and thought prompting activities based around finding a positive in everything we do and always remember to smile - its not that hard. The group were a little standoffish at the start but were all actively involved shortly after and wanting more at the end. She provides enthusiasm, energy and life experiences into every minute you are with her. Julie-Anne has been a valuable find for our company and staff with several taking up some one-on-one time with her for life coaching.

Kevin Pascoe
Professional Development Manager BMW Group Australia

We have engaged Julie-Anne Black to deliver our NLP courses for key customer-facing staff within our dealer network, she has been delivering these courses for us over the last 24 months. Given the program content and the target audience, it was essential that we selected the ‘right fit’ of trainer who was able to engage and present in a manner that allowed the full benefits of the training to be understood and implemented.

Julie-Anne makes training challenging, business-focused but above all fun and memorable. Participant feedback has been consistently rated Julie-Anne's courses amongst our highest rated programs and there is ongoing anecdotal evidence to suggest the impact of her training will continue to add value to the individuals and the businesses that they represent. When you enter one of Julie-Anne's training rooms at the end of each day, you get an overwhelming sense of high energy, active learning and enthusiasm amongst the attendees, clearly they enjoy her style. Julie-Anne is a high impact trainer who is able to make learning transfer both fun and highly efficient, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to deliver similar programs for other clients.


Keynote Topic

If your life was a tv show

If your life was a TV show would you watch it?

Most people are living in a drama they wouldn’t watch on TV. They don’t like the plot, storyline or sometimes even the other characters in the scene. They’re sick of playing a shitty bit part in someone else’s movie. Instead, they dream of escaping Groundhog Day and making a massive difference sharing their best with the world.

What if you had a superpower of your own? One that could help you slay the villain, rewrite the script to scale your success and give you an Oscar-winning performance so you can be bold, brave and brilliant.

In today’s environment, we need more than ever to think differently, bust through mental roadblocks quickly and produce great results consistently.

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to: discover the character arch of where you are on your own hero’s journey including the ordeals to overcome and the superpowers you’ll need to do it. We'll explore what happens when the hero uses growth mindset tactics vs. fixed mindset habits.

You can produce the life you’ll love living because you are the inspirational hero.

Are you ready to Be Brilliant Now?

In this presentation we’ll set the scene so you can:

  • Make a huge gratitude shift for your own Hero's Journey and the plot twists you’ve faced so far
  • Experience a massive wake up call exploring how a fixed mindset keeps you safe
  • Unlock your growth mindset superpower so you can stop sabotaging your success and start celebrating your brilliance
  • Cool tools you can rely on that are fun, practical and easy to master plus you can use them to produce results immediately!

Best of all, you’ll leave feeling wowed and inspired by your own capacity to be brilliant now. 

"Design your vision, write your script, direct your focus and be the star of your life."

Julie-Anne Black’s unique viewpoint for taking charge of your success and happiness combines her 22 years experience on camera and behind the scenes as a production manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and top television producer for some of Australia’s favourite TV shows including Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Her expertise as an internationally accredited mindset, body language and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer gives you the AAA backstage pass you need to transform the way you think, act and communicate.


JulieAnne Black on stage talking about the Hero's Journey
It was incredibly refreshing to be in the room with a trainer who truly serves the audience with her heart! Julie-Anne teaches us how to harness our own personality. She is a rule breaker.

~ Lisa Hein ~

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Keynote Topic

Present Like A Superstar

Learn the skills you need to Present LIke A Superstar anywhere, anytime in front of any size audience.

In order to be a great leader, you have to be able to speak in front of an audience and present in such a way that enrols and influences people to take action.

The good news is being a Bold and Irresistible communicator is a skill you can master. And it's not something most people are inherently born with. It IS a craft that needs to be honed and perfected.

Sometimes we simply need permission to shine and now is your time to take centre stage so you can make a massive difference sharing your best work in the world and be brilliant now!

tricks of the trade and insider secrets

Learn from a top TV producer who's worked with some of Australia's favourite stars: Eddie McGuire, Larry Emdur, Julia Morris, Marcia Hines, Livinia Nixon just to name a few.

Over the years Julie-Anne Black has discovered that communication is a system - it's not accidental. As long as you follow the steps you too can Present Like A Superstar anywhere and in front of any sized audience. 

In this spotlight session, you will learn the:

  • 4 crucial elements to include in every presentation
  • Your #1 focus that most people don't consider
  • How to instantly settle stage fright and nervousness
  • Secrets from 22 years as a top TV Producer to help you Present Like A Superstar every time

There is no need to keep being your own best-kept secret, feeling stressed and anxious on a regular basis. You will love how easy it actually is to produce your own superstar appeal and Julie-Anne Black will show you how.

Are you ready to Be Brilliant Now?

Julie-Anne is one of the most engaging speakers you could ever experience. She is also one of the top trainers. Her energy is contagious and her belief in people's ability to change is inspirational. When she is training, Julie-Anne has the magical ability to find the core issue in a group and take them to total transformation with love, compassion and strength.

~ John Paul Fischbach ~
Auspicious Arts Incubator

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Study with Be Brilliant Now so you can change your inner game and master your mind.


As an internationally accredited human behaviour specialist and mindset, body language and NLP trainer, do let me know if there is anything I may be able to help deliver in 2019. Here are a few of the topics I love to talk about:

  • Courage To Be You: Be Bold, Be Brave and Be Brilliant Now
  • Reflect. Release. Realign. Recharge. Set yourself up for success
  • 7 Keys To Present Like A Superstar
  • Lead With Heart: 5 Keys To Being An Influential Leader
  • Empowering Women In Business
  • Body Language: Projecting Yourself with Confidence
  • Born For Success: Mastering Peak Mental Performance
  • Adversity and Sabotage
  • Crisis of Confidence
  • MC, Panelist and Facilitator

** Masterclasses can be run as 90-minute, 1/2 day or full day training programs. Contact us to talk about your training needs.

Box Office success stories

Speaking at the Barry Plant Women Luncheons
Elizabeth O'Neill
Training & Events Manager

I would like to thank you for speaking with warmth and enthusiasm at our April and August luncheons. You managed to touch an audience of ladies of all different ages who hold various positions within their respective Barry Plant office. We appreciate the effort it takes to connect with an audience in a short amount of time and you managed this on a professional and personal level. We have since received exceptionally positive feedback from the ladies who attended these luncheons. Thank you Julie-Anne for motivating us, helping us put things into perspective, encouraging us to let go of our “baggage” and brightening up the day with your wonderful smile which adds vibrancy to your work. Again, on behalf of the Barry Plant Professional Women in Real Estate network, thank you.

Julie-Anne and Kathleen in LA after Julie-Anne gave a Keynote presentation
Kathleen Lorden
Thought Leader

“Julie-Anne is one of those rare individuals that will knock your socks off immediately when you meet her! Julie Anne is extraordinary and brilliant and will captivate, inspire and engage any audience from New York to LA! Julie-Anne is passionate about living on purpose and sharing her inspirational insights with light and laughter. She shines in “The Spotlight” and definitely delivers what she promises and more to her audiences and clients. It has been my honour to know such an amazing and beautiful woman who is living her legacy.”  


I felt like you were speaking directly to me as I was nodding and smiling throughout your talk and truly needed to hear those exact words in that very moment. Thank you and I wish you brilliance now and always. xx

~ Sue McVeigh ~

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer our most popular questions and of course if you want more, sing out we'd love to hear from you.

Superpowers, personal power, connecting you with your BIG dream and leadership. I mix enthusiasm and humour with motivational stories to deliver a high-content message that will “Empower your audience to achieve spectacular results!”

My presentations share a proven and practical approach combining three critical keys – focus, language and physiology.

For example, I’ll demonstrate the importance of how your mental focus, your body language and the words you choose are vital in achieving successful outcomes when communicating what you want and producing positive results in others.

I'm a celebrated author and have delivered 1000s of transformational presentations at conferences, luncheons, meetings, expos, open days, and master classes in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Dubai and in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tucson, New York in the USA.

I promise to share my message with your audience in a unique way  that energetic, purposeful, passionate, and full of positive intent. Every single time. I'll design a signature message for your audience with core tips to make the most significant difference in the lives of your audience members.

I'll share success strategies that can be implemented immediately. The content is practical, fun, easy to master, powerful, and inspiring.

My career began as an 8 years old - modelling in TV commercials, posters and magazines. In my school holidays I worked as an assistant to a casting director, and by 19 was managing a modelling agency. Entering the TV industry in my early 20s, I enjoyed a meteoric rise from PA to Producer in only 15 months. With over 22 years experience both on camera and behind the scenes as a top TV producer, I have now been in mentoring and training business with Be Brilliant Now since 2005.

There is one thing I'm sure of as I've stepped from stage it stage is communication is a system it's not accidental as long as you follow the process you too can be brilliant now.

Here's is a list of just some of my qualifications over the years. It's safe to say I've invested over $250,000 in my education so the tools and skills I share with you will help you fast track your progress to producing your BIG dream so you too can be brilliant now. 


  • Certified Trainer and Master Coach Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Trainer and Master Coach Time Line Therapy®
  • Certified Instructor of Hypnosis
  • Level 1 Scientific Hand Analysis
  • Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy
  • APEP – Initiated in Level 1 – Ancient Hawaiian Huna Healing
  • ICF – Associate Certified Coach
  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching, Training and Assessment and Business
  • Advanced Practitioner in Coach Mastery
  • Graduate of Women’s Intuition in Business Program 
  • Level 1,2,3 In Universal Intelligence
  • Public Speaking and Training Skills Certification
  • Learning To Lead Certificate

Most people are intrigued by the world of TV and Hollywood, even the naysayers. It sparks their curiosity. That’s why Julie-Anne combined her 22 years television experience with her expertise in mind mastery, body language and NLP to deliver this powerful and unique philosophy. Not only does it create a genuine buzz within your audience it’s also profoundly practical, non-threatening and self-guided. Imagine if your life was a TV show, would you watch it?

I believe learning is active not passive. That’s why I have designed creative ways to involve your audience so they can have maximum experience, a 'dress rehearsal' if you like of how practical, fun and easy to master the techniques are to implement in your daily life for in most cases instantaneous and long lasting results. It's also poignant to share that in most cases we will only have 40-60 minutes together so the more time we have together the more we can deep dive in the philosophies taught.