Recipe to be brilliant now

This is your recipe to be brilliant now

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My recipe to be brilliant now might be a little different from the norm.


I love cooking. How are you in the kitchen? For me, it's playtime—the kitchen where I can be as creative and experimental as I choose. Sometimes things can turn out a bit bland, and others can be plate-lickably delicious.


When I'm cooking the flow can be so magical and effortless that it got me thinking about creating a recipe to be brilliant now.  This recipe is one I prepared just for you! Enjoy.



One creative thought leader willing, capable, committed and compelled

2-10 cups adventure and fun

1-2 litres water

Four tablespoons of trust

Three teaspoons of resourcefulness

Two handfuls of encouragement

One handful of clarity

Four pinches of boldness

A few drops of abundance

And a generous sprinkle of love



❖ First, create a relaxed, comfortable space for brilliance to occur, adding water and trust immediately.

❖ Sift in necessary amounts of adventure and fun, adding a dash of resourcefulness and boldness when ready.

❖ Gently peel away any anxiety, limiting beliefs and traces of fear before stirring in generous handfuls of encouragement and clarity.

❖ Turn courage up to high and sprinkle with love and abundance.

❖ Bake until happy from the inside out.


Serve with ice-cream (optional)

Recipe to be brilliant now. Ice-cream optional

This recipe to be brilliant now is already available to you. Always remember how great you are. If you need a reminder, read this post. Create your manifesto


If you know, it's time to be brilliant now stop wishing, waiting and hoping things will be different take action today. Check out how we can have a call together.

Be Brilliant Now Infographic V2


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