Bliss Mist is a quick fix to help you refocus, refresh and rejuvenate your energy and mind, renewing your joy and enthusiasm for the moment right now.

Don't spend another moment feeling stressed or can't be bothered...

With a quick spritz of Bliss Mist you'll have your mojo back in seconds.

Bliss Mist is your secret weapon to protect you when life becomes a bit stressful or blah!

Say bye-bye to stagnant energy

Spritz away negative emotions

Shift gears from shitty to calm

Get your thoughts back on track

Tune into your joy

Turn up your enthusiasm for life

Ahhh I feel blissful again

What is Bliss Mist?

Bliss Mist has a light, sweet and zesty scent. It's an aromatherapy energy spray that's been home-made with love in Melbourne, Australia.

Our unique blend is a powerful and blissful combination of 100% Australian Organic Essential Oils and Bush Flower Essences, combined with living filtered water.

This spritzer perfectly supports and nurtures your body, mind and soul.

Next time stress starts to escalate,
BLISS MIST yourself!

Here's how it works: Set an intention for how you want to feel. For example, "I feel calm", then give three or four pumps of your Bliss Mist and step right into the refreshing smelling mist. Changing your energy can be as simple as refocusing your state of mind. The unique combination of ingredients in Bliss Mist helps recalibrate your focus and becomes your #1 magic potion to ward off the dark and gloomys.

Originally I used this particular combination of essential oils in my private client sessions and training rooms. It'd provide a nurturing scent that also helped literally clear the air when a client was facing a particularly tough time. Every time they walked in the door they'd have a big sigh and say with a smile "It always smells so delicious and comforting at your place!" In fact, my clients loved it so much they nagged me to bottle it so they could pull it out and spritz themselves whenever they needed to.


And ta-dah-dah Bliss Mist was born. So you too can stay cool, calm and collected in even the most stressful situations. Even more potent when you combine it with our recommended mantra "I CAN BE BRILLIANT NOW!"


Before use, shake both your body and the bottle at the same time to release stagnant energy. Set an intention for how you want to feel and pump 3-4 times approx. 30cms from and around your face, head, heart and shoulders. For brilliant results use with intent and purpose.

External use only. Store below 30c. Can be used with children. Simply handle with love and devotion.

But don't take my word for it....

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

I was feeling really stressed when I met Jewells and she said I've got just the thing and she gave me some Bliss Mist. I was a little sceptical but I thought what have I got to lose. I was really surprised because I felt a calming sensation almost immediately. I was able to focus and concentrate better allowing me to perform at a much higher level. I kept using Bliss Mist whenever I felt overwhelmed and stressed and it really helped me in high-pressure situations.

I bought six 100ml bottles, I’ve given three as gifts and kept the rest so I can step into my “bliss” and get centred on those very stressful days. One of the young ladies who help me came into the house a couple of weeks ago and asked me to “mist” her. After having her set her intention she stepped into the mist and experienced a level of calm that was very much needed.

Just gave my 7-year-old son a spray of Bliss Mist and he said 'Dad, what's in it that makes me feel so good?' With love and thanks Jewells

Thanks, Jewells! Your Bliss Mist has accompanied me with my rejuvenation efforts this morning.

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Our stylish 100ml and 50ml aluminium bottles make it an essential item for your handbag, overnight bag, gym bag, car, home, office. It’s the perfect companion and size to take with you on those long trips interstate and overseas.
Bliss Mist spreads its love all around Australia and in the USA and was featured in the 2012 Mercedes Benz fashion parade for the Australia swimwear label Kooey.

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