5 Tips to Covid-19 your mind and be brilliant now

how to Covid-19 your mind

Emotion has flooded me with what's happening in our beautiful world. It is such a full-on time with Covid-19; everyone is affected in one way or another.

The psychological aspect of COVID-19 is critical

Because we'll be in this high-risk state for some time to come; therefore, we must continue to take practical precautions to look after ourselves and our families.


Although I'm looking forward to the Covid-19 crisis being over, the truth is, it won't be for some time. So while it's going on, I'm going to be here with you. Helping you to keep focused on your BIG dreams so that when things return to normal, which they will, you'll be the first out of the gate and immediately productive.


Right now, it's crucial to stay on top of your emotions, your thoughts and your fears. Rather than feel helpless, instead, get prepared. Innovate and think ahead and continue to act calmly and responsibly.


We are transiting into a new normal. 

Even though there is a lot out of our control, there is also a lot in our control too.


How to stay calm when the whole world is in panic from Covid-19?

  • It's so important that we honour how we're feeling
  • Yes it is an uncertain time
  • Acknowledge what's going on for you
  • If there is stress, overwhelm, fear and anxiety it's ok, you're ok
  • Breathe deeply and slow your thoughts down
  • The fastest way to clarity is to stay calm


Cortisol and stress hormones are running rampant, keeping you at high alert, wanting to protect you, warning you of danger. The problem is with all the negativity currently flooding our minds; it's not helping right now—instead, its triggering knee jerk reactions.


  • Find healthy ways to feel safe right now
  • Permit your thoughts to slow down and breathe deeply
  • Choose to feel safe and grounded
  • Use this time to reflect
  • Look internally for your foundation of what to do next
  • Be grateful and graceful, choosing to find the good in this

Remember, your attitude is EVERYTHING!

When we're uncertain, we tend to worry, and when we suffer, things can turn negative pretty quickly. Our thoughts, feelings, actions and results are all affected. Often, it's what's not known that can scare us the most.


You've probably heard the saying "misery loves company", this is so true in crisis, which is one of the reasons why it can render us to feel so powerless.


But this isn't about doom and gloom. There is enough of that in the media right now. It is about giving you five tips to Covid-19 your mind and be brilliant now.


Everyone will be feeling the impact on different degrees, but we must train our minds to:

5 tips to covid-19 your mind

What we say to ourselves determines how we live.

This is why your attitude towards your life and current circumstances is so important. There'll be things that happen, shit things in life, I'm sure you've experienced a bunch of them already, that when your attitude sucks it makes you feel all the more helpless, hopeless, scared and fixated on all that is wrong. Every emotion you experience on a daily, minute to minute basis, it is your attitude that will always help you to turn your concerns around and quick smart too.

Covid-19 your mind using your own super powers

"A positive attitude shift is your superpower in uncertain times 💕"

If you want another resource you can print out and keep handy, I've created a Success Mindset checklist. It's a visual reference you can count on when you need an immediate attitude shift.

Panic will not help you think; it'll only hinder your resourcefulness.

The more clarity you have, the more responsive you can be, so take the time to contemplate your next moves. Approach this opportunity with a success mindset trusting that you'll find a way through this. Let's have confidence in ourselves and each other. You're not alone. We're all in this together. Let's not leave anyone behind.

You're more resilient than you can ever imagine

Even though it won't ever be the same, life is going to go on after Covid-19. And you need to be prepared. That means starting now. Give yourself a time limit to panic and then regroup.

  • Stay strong
  • Keep your fears in check and your mind right
  • Continue to learn and educate yourself
  • Always be growing
  • Breathe deeply
  • Remain focused on your mission
  • Stay healthy and hopeful
  • Keep taking steps forward 👣
  • And be bold, brave and brilliant right now. 🥰


All those basics you do in business; in health, love, relationships and life are more important now than ever before. So get on top of that quickly. Learn how to activate a calm state of mind here.

Your BIG dream matters

Utilise your isolation time to focus on your BIG dream and ponder if you need to pivot slightly or a lot considering what is going on. Make no mistake; your life will still want you to pursue a BIG dream with an open, passionate heart, a warm smile and a curious mind to make a difference. To give you some inspiration, check out how to create your manifesto here.


There's never been a better time to be bold, brave and brilliant than right now.

Don't get caught in the panic, book your FREE 20-minute Spotlight Session today. It'll be the boost you need to be bold, brave and brilliant right now.

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