Create a calm state of mind

Create a calm state of mind so you can being brilliant now

When it comes to creating a calm state of mind, do you know what to do?

This technique teaches you how you can focus your energy whilst creating a still, alert, calm and peaceful state of being.

Being in a relaxed, receptive, focused and calm state is the best state to facilitate learning and action and importantly it will help you influence your results. There is also some evidence that this method may synchronize both hemispheres of the brain.

Using this technique helps you focus your energy whilst bringing the mind to a still, calm, alert and responsive state of being. It can be likened to the runners high where the connection between the body and mind are seamless and you are operating at peak performance.

When to use it:
  • Prior to any major meetings and presentations
  • Before making an important phone call
  • When embarking on projects and tasks
  • Anytime you want to feel calm and present

After you have done this process a number of times you can adapt it to your liking. You can use your hands or not use your hands. As long as you achieve the benefit you can do it any way you like! Experiment and enjoy the delicious calm.

I recommend you get into the habit of being in this state as much as possible.

  • When driving
  • Walking in the street
  • Visiting friends
  • Before going to social events
  • Whenever, wherever.

Remember being in a peaceful, happy, confident state of being, it helps you make great impressions every time. Why? Because you won't be so distracted or distant. Instead, you will be present to the gorgeous people who are excited to be in your company.

One of the other benefits of this beautiful technique is it also allows other people to be at ease in your company too.

Now you're feeling calm, creative and peaceful learn how to create your own manifesto.

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