The best way to increase productivity in Covid-19 lockdown

Your productivity will increase when you expect goodness to happen

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There's so much going on in our world at the moment. And I'm wondering "Are you feeling productive? Or is it one of 'those' days, weeks or months?"


If your productivity is down, I find the toughest days are when:

  • You're not sure of your purpose
  • Your mission and everything you've worked hard for has to pivot with the current situation
  • Or you have a BIG dream that comes ready-made with a to-do list of seismic proportions
  • And you feel overwhelmed or confused as to where to even begin


You wake with promise. And your day starts with a bang and a flurry of energy. Then you watch helplessly as your motivation dwindles like being sucked into quicksand.


As you try to compensate, you find yourself jumping from idea to idea. You get caught in the aimless scroll vortex looking for some kind of validation and external motivation.


Before you know it it's midday. The day has a rhythm of its own, and you feel like you're stuck in Groundhog Day, again!


It's pretty easy to get tricked into this non-productivity cycle.


Having done it so many times before, you know how unhelpful it is to your energy levels, mental well-being, creative genius and actual achievement of your mission. It can be extremely frustrating.


So it's time to say CUT and call for a script change.


When you're craving clarity and being playfully productive, you need to set yourself up for success.


So here are the fastest ways to increase productivity - using these eight tips
  1. Rant about everything that makes you grateful. Small things, big things and everything in between. [puts you in a great mood and generates the superpower of gratitude]
  2. Do a brain pour of everything in your head. [encourages clarity]
  3. Highlight the ideas that will help move the needle the most TODAY [gives purpose]
  4. Wear something fun [promotes the good feels]
  5. Have the kettle brewing and drink lots of water [keeps your brain hydrated]
  6. Crank up the tunes and have fun dancing it out as favourite tracks come on [shifts stagnant energy]
  7. Choose colourful, delicious food [nourishes your soul & tummy]
  8. Set an intention and take inspired action realising that there are lots of sliding door moments throughout the day. [You have the freedom to choose exactly where your attention goes and your energy flows]


So your mission should you choose to accept it is, to remind yourself throughout the day that you are the star of your life.


Whatever helps you feel like you are bold, brave and brilliant! Do that RIGHT NOW!!


Remember, you are the hero of your story and the star of your life.  Be brilliant now!




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