Lessons Learnt – our top 20 A-Ha moments

Lessons learnt - our top 20 A-ha moments revealed

A look back at some lessons learnt and my most cherished A-Ha Moments.


How often do you sit back and take the time to review your lessons learnt? Chances are your answer is not often because we're living in a world where things are moving so fast. Always thinking WHAT"S NEXT!

That's why in today’s environment, we need more than ever to think differently, bust through mental roadblocks quickly and produce great results consistently. In order to do that effectively, we need to stop and take time to reflect on our lessons learnt so we can reconnect with who we are, and why we do what we do.

Here are our top 20 lessons learnt and A-Ha moments.



When you’re anxious, your unconscious mind is asking you to focus on what you want not what you don't want.


2. Breathe

If you remember to breathe deeply enough, it’s physically impossible to freak out.


3. perspective

All doubts are limiting decisions.


4. It's not personal

Sometimes life CAN suck; it’s not personal. Anyone who has the same thoughts, beliefs and behaviours you're currently having will likely be similar


5. Be consistent

To live the life of your dreams means being consistent and persistent.


6. Recover the root cause

What if you will never know "why" something happened? What emotion do you feel? The emotion that comes up is the one you can work with because clearing that emotion is what will ultimately set you free.


7. Don't be afraid

Rather than being afraid to feel, imagine if you allowed the emotion to have its moment. In other words, accept and validate the emotion rather than reject it. Every moment you spend needing things to be different binds you to the source of your discomfort for longer and longer.


8. Captivate. Educate. Inspire.

With every word and action, what do I promote? love, joy, growth and expansion?

The words people use are just a bunch of words, it is you that interprets them and places meaning on them. They also point the way to how you live your life. Be an example, not a warning. Never follow the crowd of criticising and putting others down. Use your energy and voice to be a lightworker.


9. Practice

You must practice concentration and careful awareness. Train your unconscious mind to recall all information for your higher good.


10. Self-Mastery

Any self-mastery creates universal mastery. Concentrated effort and persistent practice. We create our bodies with our minds. Train the intellect consistently to become your friend. Then the intellect will support you in what you want.


11. Boundaries

If you enforce your boundaries the more they will grow. If you don’t enforce them, the boundaries will shrink.


12. Avoid

Avoid saying – “I’ll never do that again” it only creates the opportunity for shame and guilt and to make yourself wrong.

Instead, change the thinking – say “I consciously choose to focus on what I want”


13. Energy sappers

Whenever you hate or dislike someone for doing something to you, you take energy away from you and you give it to them. Is that what you want?


14. Misktakes

Mistakes happen regardless of your evolution. In fact, they say look for the person who you believe is successful and I guarantee they have made the most mistakes. Don't be scared of making mistakes be curious about testing the market and taking inspired action. Keep yourself open to learning continually. T


15. Be strict

It is important for you to be strict with your focus ESPECIALLY when you are tired! Because this is when stuff is most likely to happen, so this is when you need to be the most disciplined.


16. Empower yourself

Empower yourself to commit to a better life and consistently take inspired action to bring it to reality. Rely on yourself you're the best bet going.


17. memories

Memories are not real. They are past. Not now. And the ones that cause you the most pain can often be the memories you have on repeat on the movie screen of your mind. This action consistently triggers the same neurological response you had when it first happened all that time ago. But it doesn't have to. The past does not equal the future. It's time to change the script so you no longer hold yourself captive to these memories in the now and for the future.


18. Success

Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle them.



19. Sensory acuity

Be aware - look, hear, feel and know what results you are achieving. If you are not achieving the results you want, review your plan and course correct as necessary. Make the process playful as opposed to giving yourself an opportunity to feel hopeless and powerless. Remember you're in charge. You've got this.


20. your future self will thank you

Ask yourself often Who do I want to be and why is it important to me?" This will help determine your compass and show you how to maintain your integrity.


Why not choose your top 20 lessons learnt and A-Ha moments and then create your own personal manifesto using our tips.


In the meantime, here's a mantra for you:

I am in creative control of my life. It's my choice to produce, write, direct, edit and star in my brilliant life. I trust my intuition and I listen closely to it. Today I choose to believe in myself because I'm awesome. I'm more gentle with myself now I've stopped the persecuting self-talk actively replacing it with encouraging and respectful words of inspiration and action. I am defying the odds and being brilliant now.


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