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How NLP can help you take charge of your success and happiness

How NLP can help you take charge of your success and happiness

What if I told you there was a manual to running your own mind? Would you jump at the opportunity to know it? NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the most advanced and profound technologies for creating human change.


NLP is one of the most effective modalities available for taking control of your emotions and conscious and unconscious thought processes.


It is the study of human excellence.


Think about it:

  • Neuro – is your mind and HOW you think
  • Linguistic – is how you use language to interpret and communicate to yourself and the outside world
  • Programming – is how you sequence your behaviours and actions to create your outcomes whether they are the results you want or not.


In other words, NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.


Imagine being taken you on a journey of self-discovery where you can generate your own learning and come to your own realizations and awareness by working through the processes learnt.

NLP will help you master your mind for emotional freedom!

Learn how to receive a compliment with ease and grace

It helps you harness the strategies in your life that are already successful. Whilst transforming the ones that both limit you and keep you playing a shitty bit part in someone else's movie instead of being the star of your own life.


NLP helps you understand how and why you communicate the way you do, both internally with yourself and externally with those around you. It’s practical, creative, experiential, solution-focused and results driven.


From my personal story, there had been a lot of dark times in my early life and that patterning continued to torment me as an adult. So when I came across NLP in my early 30s it quite literally helped save my life but more specifically it helped me claim my life.


I learnt how to nurture my determined spirit and passion for all things spectacular, understand the strategies that were working for me and recreate strategies of success in aspects of my life that I felt needed improving.


The thing I still love the most is with all the formal training I’ve now completed it has given me the powerful tools to cultivate inner peace, clean up the unresolved inner gunk, and allowed me to discover my greatness, and finally say “yes “to living a brilliant and spectacular life, consistently.

NLP explains how we process life


It helps you decode the information that comes into you from the outside world through your 5 senses (pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes) and how you interpret this information for it to make sense to you.


To this day, the understanding of this basic premise still has me awe-inspired of our brilliance, uniqueness and magnificence.


NLP is also the process of modelling excellence and how individuals structure their experience through their beliefs, values, internal dialogue, physiology (internal and external). When you drill down to look at these specific you can create outstanding results of excellence.

The power comes from ‘how’ you think instead of ‘what’ you think.


Yes, you read right! It’s not what you think which can be, for a lot of people, a great source of torture and pain rather it’s how and why you thought it that gives you the most valuable information.


It’s the strategy behind your thinking and behaviour that is what makes the difference when creating new thought patterns that drive new behaviours.


Now, this is really cool. You can simply be asked a specific series questions and without disclosing any content your unconscious mind will search for the answers that will give you the greatest and most positive outcomes.


You see, your unconscious mind is your most loyal friend. It is the one that will give you exactly what you ask for.


So when you identify how you do a certain behaviour you are then able to change it accordingly. For example: have you ever repeatedly done something that limits you and wondered why you continue to do the same thing time and again even though you get the same results? Through NLP you can release and change unwanted thought patterns and behaviours in a heartbeat.

Life is not personal

NLP helps you master your mind.

If you continually focus on unfavourable outcomes occurring that is what will be delivered to you.


NLP truly is the manual to running your own mind and creating emotional freedom. It is about experimentation and exploration to create your desired results. It’s about getting curious and finding a way that helps you support your future.


If you're looking for a tool belt of techniques that can support you to be brilliant now in your career as well as personally, financially, physically and spiritually then NLP could be your answer.

Time to get curious


Ask us about our upcoming Internationally Accredited NLP Practitioner Training courses held in Bali Indonesia and Melbourne Australia.

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If your life was a TV show, would you watch it? Julie-Anne Black International Speaker, Author, Producer and Joy Advocate. Creator of boutique training and mentoring company Be Brilliant Now. Julie-Anne combines the secrets she learnt as a top TV producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) with her expertise as an internationally accredited mind-set, body language and NLP trainer to help you escape Groundhog day, direct your future and be the star of your life. "My mission is to show you how to take charge of your success and happiness by boosting your communication skills and shedding those BS excuses so you can produce a life more compelling to live than a hit TV show is to watch." Are you ready to be brilliant now?

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