Midday Motivator FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your presentation based on?

The core thread is Mind Mastery utilising techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (commonly known as NLP).

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of human excellence. It helps us understand why and how we communicate both internally with ourselves and externally to those around us. Our presentations specifically deliver fun and refreshing ways to think differently for immediately improved results.

What are the core themes of the presentation?

The Midday Motivators share a proven and practical approach combining three critical keys – focus, language and physiology. For example, we’ll demonstrate the importance of how your mental focus, your body language and the words you choose are vital in achieving successful results in communicating what you want.

How are you going improve our staff performance?

By enhancing the way your staff think and act. Giving them insights that improve the way they perform both personally and professionally.

How will this improve our bottom line?

When people are happier within themselves they naturally perform better. Our presentation injects people with inspiration and positivity.

We deliver all this information with minimal disruption to the productivity of the business by doing a 2-hour lunchtime presentation.


We can arrive fully equipped with fresh gourmet sandwiches for your staff to enjoy. Please see our Agreement Form for details and investment.