Mentoring helps you exceed your expectations of what is possible for your to achieve. Let Julie-Anne Black show you how.



Take charge of your success and happiness by boosting your communication skills and shedding those BS excuses so
you can produce a life more compelling to live than a hit TV show is to watch. 


Pull focus on your BIG dream and fulfill your life purpose by gaining the clarity, confidence and know how to make it your reality.

Make a massive difference

Become the leader you've always dreamed of being. It will take courage and patience but damn you'll love how it all turns out.

share your best work

You'll have the most positive impact and make the biggest difference when you love who you are and what you're up to in the world.

Having reached great success in my business I wondered what was next. Then in came Julie-Anne at the perfect moment. She guided me to truly know myself and access parts of me that I now can’t believe I did without. I now have great success in all areas of my life: work; health; love; fun; personal development and contribution. With deepest gratitude and thanks

Mark Fitzgerald


PRODUCE your big dream

One of the most profound aspects of being the producer of your life is you are in creative control. Having a clear intention and purpose for what you want to be known for and who you want to become is paramount to your success.  When you have a BIG dream that inspires you, a happily ever after, life beams with excitement, inspiration, and passion.  

That's why we'll start with the end in mind and make our first step discovering your life purpose aligning it with the vision you have for yourself and your loved ones. 

Let the transformation begin. Mentoring helps you stop being your own best-kept secret so you can make a massive difference sharing your best work in the world.
Mentoring helps you be the star of your life so you can make a massive difference sharing your best work in the world.. Let the transformation begin.

Ever had those storylines running rampant in your head that you felt you had no control over? The ones that made you feel like an imposter, put you down, had you behave in a way you're not proud of, proved you lacked confidence when you needed it most? Well it's time for a script change. These themes are not hard-wired even though the may feel you've recited them for years. Get excited because you're about to write a new narrative for the life you'll love living. 

Self-Sabotage and the Imposter Syndrome

Every movie you've ever loved it's likely because of the tension caused between the hero and their arch nemesis. On a movie set, it can be exhilarating. In your life it can be exhausting. As if you're stuck in Groundhog Day or on an emotional rollercoaster and can't get off! 

It will take courage and honesty on your behalf to face your arch nemesis. This may not be the easiest part of the program but it sure is the most valuable and rewarding. Imagine having such insight into who you are that you are no longer sabotage your own success. You no longer second-guess your ideas and you no longer need to look over your shoulder expecting someone to push you down or think you're an imposter. Instead, you are free to escape Groundhog Day, direct your future and be the star of your life. 

GIVE AN oscar winning performance

You're here to transform the way you think, act and communicate. I will challenge you to think differently, keeping your mindset focused on your dreams and aspirations whilst supporting you to bust through any mental roadblocks as they arise. It's a holistic and fully integrated solution that moves you from great to brilliant. By the conclusion of your program, you will be having more fun because you're living your life on purpose, actualizing your dreams, making a massive difference sharing your best work in the world.

“I have worked with Julie-Anne over quite a few months and never experienced such personal insight and growth. With Julie-Anne’s careful and loving guidance, my life has moved profoundly. She nurtured my heart, challenged my mind, questioned my assumptions and offered me her wisdom. Coaches are everywhere. Great coaches are rare and Julie-Anne is in the realm of the truly amazing!

Caroline Parkes

produce the life you'll love living

Oscar: 6-month transformation


  • Exclusive Signature Visioning Day to unearth and clarify your BIG dream
  • Release past hurts, blocks and fears
  • Become an influential leader in your area of expertise
  • Love who you are and what you're up to in the world
  • Implement the step by step fulfilment strategy bringing your BIG dream to life
  • PLUS 6 months fortnightly Momentum Mentoring sessions

Emmy: 3-month


  • Exclusive Signature Visioning Day to unearth and clarify your BIG dream
  • Release past hurts, blocks and fears
  • Increase self love and self worth
  • Make radical improvements in your life transforming your internal thought processes and external behaviours
  • Finally feel like you are The Star of your life
  • PLUS 3 months fortnightly Momentum Mentoring sessions

Logie: Signature
Visioning Day


  • Exclusive Signature Visioning Day to unearth and clarify your BIG dream
  • Release past hurts, blocks and fears
  • Project yourself with more confidence
  • Design a fulfilment strategy complete with action steps so you know what needs to be done
  • Know how to successfully navigate through obstacles and it's no longer a struggle.
  • Pre and post email support

Box Office Success stories

This is Danielle one of our brilliant mentoring clients. If you're an emerging leader or creative entrepreneur wanting to be the star of your life, contact Julie-Anne Black today
Danielle Flanigan
Emerging Leader

Before working with Jewells I felt like I wasn't being good enough, not deserving things, self sabotaging, hiding behind laughter and a little anxiety towards certain things. I wanted to clear some space and get some clarity. All in all I didn't know what to expect or what I was going to get out of it I was just looking forward to see what could come from it. Since working with the amazing Jewells I have decided where I want my career to go and what field I want to be in, I have taken the steps to further my studies to be able to assist me in that. I have had the confidence to speak to heads of companies that I want to work with and be part of. I have stopped making nyself feel guilty for things that I shouldn't feel guilty about. I now don't take on outside/other people's issues that don't need my energy but best of all I worked through all of my junk and made space to meet my amazing partner Brendan and we have just welcomed our beautiful baby boy Cameron into the world. I am a happier and "lighter" person since working with Jewells, I don't give my energy to things that don't require it and this has allowed me to be a much better partner and an amazing Mum. I am so excited for my life and the direction that it is going in. THANK YOU MY DARLING JEWELLS XO

This is Lucy one of our brilliant mentoring clients. If you're an emerging leader or creative entrepreneur wanting to be the star of your life, contact Julie-Anne Black today.
Lucy Carter
Creative Entrepreneur

Before working with Jewels I was in a state of pretty much chronic burn out. I was often emotional and overwhelmed. I also had negative language around my past achievements like it wasn't ever enough to be happy about. It was a bit of a ground breaking moment when I realised that I was making all my own choices and I love my life style. We worked on warning signs I can notice before I get burnt out and taking time out for things I love and make me happy as well as business.  Working with jewels, especially the VIP day helped me to get clear on some of my distructive energetic holding patterns that were making me feel so heavy and like I was leaking energy. Now I have much much better health. I am so much stronger than I used to be and I feel much lighter, I don't get burned out anymore and I have acheievd all of my short term goals that we discussed, my long term goals are still in the process but I am on path. I am still working with myself to be more gentle and feminine I don't need to be so hard on myself to have what I want and this is a lesson I'm still working with. Working with jewels really helped me heal some old wounds. 

I love you Jewels x blessings to you.



Mentoring helps you master your mind so you can be brilliant now making a massive difference sharing your best work in the world.

I produced this program for Caroline who wrote “I have worked with Julie-Anne over quite a few months and never experienced such personal insight and growth. With Julie-Anne’s careful and loving guidance, my life has moved profoundly. She nurtured my heart, challenged my mind, questioned my assumptions and offered me her wisdom. Coaches are everywhere. Great coaches are rare and Julie-Anne is in the realm of the truly amazing!”

And for Andrew who said "The results were mind blowing! Prior to Julie-Anne I had always struggled with my confidence and to think on my feet and trust my instincts. So when Julie-Anne showed me how to use my body and mind to focus on the successful completion of the outcome, I was blown away with how powerful it was.”

Knowing that these and thousands more creative entrepreneurs and emerging leaders, just like you, are now making a massive difference sharing their best work in the world because they not only found the courage to face their inner demons, they set new standard, defied the odds, and stepped up. And I am so grateful that I was able to play a pivotal role in helping them take centre stage and be brilliant now.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer our most popular questions and of course if you want more, sing out we'd love to hear from you. 

What are some coaching success stories? (Specific examples of individuals who have done well and examples of how you have added value)

One client had reoccurring struggles and felt they always needed to take the hard, long road for things to have meaning. They would move forward and back, forward and back ever so slowly edging towards their goal of becoming a successful, professional, full-time singer and artist. They knew where they truly wanted to go yet challenged it at every step, that they could be the one to ‘make it’. With this lack of confidence and self-esteem, the dream kept slipping further and further away. Frustrated and with everything to gain we began a coaching relationship. By working together we identified the sabotaging triggers and limiting beliefs, the I cant’s, I won't’s and I couldn't’s. We then rebuilt, reprogrammed and rewired these thought patterns into ones that were sustainable and empowering. Within a month their confidence had increased by 40%, they were seeing clear distinctions between sabotaging and self-discipline, their energy and passion had reignited and they were once again excited about the future. Having a greater awareness of how their choices were creating their future and how they can make better choices by identifying and aligning with their values has been proved invaluable. Within 12 months of beginning her journey, she travelled to write and compose her first solo EP. She is about to launch herself in the UK.

“It’s been a gift from a goddess and a step I asked to take in becoming more attuned to a business perspective and simply doing it. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and courageous heart. To those considering coaching and Julie-Anne – congratulations on such a great decision! With Julie-Anne’s help, I’m making MY LIFE’S DREAM come true.” Rachel Delany – Singer/Songwriter

6 months later “Here’s to being present, here’s to stepping up and doing what it takes and especially here’s to you angel lady Julie-Anne Black who has helped me so enormously it brings tears to my eyes. This is a continuously and forever amazing journey.” Rachel Delany – Singer/Songwriter

Another client wanted to move past old mental roadblocks. Prior to coaching, they rated this area a 4 out of 10 and within 2 months of coaching they were at an 8. Excited and refreshed about the possibilities and opportunities that lay in front of them. Their personal development rated a 5 out of 10 prior to coaching and within 2 months this too had moved to an 8. What was an 8 like for them “like being very fit with endorphins flowing; energetic; excited; content; silent and peaceful”.

“Julie-Anne is fun, open and intuitive and focussed on moving her clients forward in a positive way, and of helping them to remove barriers to growth. My coaching occurred in a year of great turmoil, but positive change for me and Julie-Anne was an element contributing to my growth.” Nick Wardrop – Environmental Engineer

This client wanted to change careers but didn’t think they had the courage to do so. Once they recognised how they were blaming and limiting themselves the shift was immediate and action was taken instantly. Now they still feel the fear, the difference is they use it as a friend and make decisions utilising its strength. They no longer limit themselves because of it.

“If you’re not sure whether to take on Julie-Anne as a life coach all I can say is give her the chance to turn your life around, you won’t regret it. Julie-Anne has been coaching me for the past three months and she has made me accountable for my own actions, given me the tools and the courage to actually follow my passion and to stop making excuses. I’m heading in a new, colourful and exciting direction and it was so wonderful getting to this position with the help of such a wonderful woman in a supportive, creative and effervescent environment. The possibilities are endless.” Shakira Piggot – Music Producer

What specialised skills or experience do you bring to your mentoring?

In 2005 I founded Be Brilliant Now with the desire to create a supportive environment fostering change, growth and excellence. Since then, I've developed a diverse range of personal transformation, wellness and career enhancement trainings. >>Click to see available Masterclasses: 

Being one of Australia’s leading NLP Trainers, I work with emerging leaders, creative entrepreneurs and BIG dreaming high achievers to provide powerful principles, tools and dialogue to clarify your purpose and goals, giving practical insights to assist you to succeed.

Detailed knowledge of a wide range of modalities has become the key to achieving high levels of success with my students and coaching clients. 

Prior to entering the world of Personal Development, I spent 22 years in the television and event industries managing teams from 8 - 800. Some career highlights were producing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Comedians For A Cause and a Production Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies. I have worked intimately with high pressure, tight deadlines and strict budgets. This paradigm has served me to be deeply committed to the importance of effective communication, dedication, focus, discipline and courage.

I see my role as a guide, sounding board, a different camera angle that is here to serve, support, nurture and encourage you in your expansion to being all you deserve to be. I will challenge your assumptions, hold you accountable and cheer you one when you'll feel like you deserve it least but need it most. 

Serious Stuff – Credentials:

  • Certified Trainer & Master Coach Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Trainer & Master Coach Time Line Therapy®
  • Certified Instructor of Hypnosis
  • Level 1 Scientific Hand Analysis
  • Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy
  • APEP – Initiated in Level 1 – Ancient Hawaiian Huna Healing
  • ICF – Associate Certified Coach
  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Advanced Practitioner in Coach Mastery
  • Graduate of Women’s Intuition in Business Program
  • Graduate of Levels 1,2 and 3 in Universal Intelligence
  • Public Speaking & Training Skills Certification
  • Learning To Lead Certificate

What is your philosophy about mentoring/coaching?

Our mentoring programs support you to think differently, bust through mental roadblocks quickly so you can achieve spectacular results consistently.

Bottom line: we see our role is to help you let go of any emotional baggage, frustrations and perceived limits so you can develop new strategies, create a compelling vision for your future and produce the life you’ll love to live.

Mentoring is a tool that can allow anyone to change and enhance the quality of their life. It is a process of discovery, experimentation, curiosity and creativity where you can fully, completely and lovingly get to know the deepest depths of yourself.

It allows you to take responsibility for your actions, reactions and results in all areas of your life. It is definitely exciting and sometimes confrontational to know yourself with such authenticity.

I look back to how I was without it and rejoice in who I am now because of it. There are many great things about being coached and mentored and one of them is how it empowers you to commit to the life you dream of and succeed in making it your reality. It's future-focused, holistic and a game changer for anyone wanting to be brilliant now. If you know things must change and you also know the only person to make the change is you then you’re in the right place. Make it easier for yourself and get mentored today.

What can I expect?

Firstly you can expect a massive high five and celebration of you!!! 

The coaching will probably be different from what you might have expected because once we have gathered enough information about your problem we begin to move forward.

As your alternative health care coach, I have been trained and certified in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, Psychosomatic Therapy, Journey work etc at the Master Coach and Trainer level and will be using these techniques. 

It is very important for us to discover the internal thought process of HOW you create the problem. We are interested in identifying your strategy of how you do it rather than why. Because our focus is on structure, that means that, once we discover it, we can move on and focus on having the problem disappear very quickly.

The coaching process allows you to learn new ways of communicating with yourself and those around you. You will reconnect and realign yourself to know internally who you are, what you want and where you’re going. In other words being who you need to BE, to do what you want to DO in order to have what you want to HAVE. Once your relationship with yourself blossoms you will find that wealth and transformation are inevitable. You grow.

Will it work for me?

I'd love to be able to say a resounding YES! Absolutely it will work for you! And 100% it can.  The truth is the only way it's going to work for you is if you also do the work necessary.

It is important that you stubbornly focus on what you want. The people who are the happiest over-all in life are those who recognise that you have a choice to focus on what you don’t want or what you DO want. You can focus on negative emotions and things that make you feel bad, or you can focus on positive emotions and things that make you feel good. It is your choice. After the sessions, YOU MUST FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT and TAKE ACTION and this may include you’re enforcing your boundaries. These steps are for you to perform OUTSIDE the training room, and they are not in the teacher's control - therefore no responsibility can or will be accepted for your results not achieved.

If you feel your old behaviour/problem reappearing, then you must refuse to run that pattern again. Please remember that we have the utmost total and complete respect for you and absolutely no respect for your old problems.

Finally, there is no magic pill so to speak but I'm fairly confident that with good commitment and work on your part, and your willingness to trust this process and trust your guide you can achieve what it is you want to achieve. 


Do you work with everyone?

The direct answer is no.

When we have our Blockbuster Discovery session together I will ask you a series of questions. The process is for me to assess just as much as I expect you to assess if we have that special connection to make magic so you can achieve and surpass your goals.

I will be asking myself "is this a client that I want to work with?” "Do I feel excited to work with you and do I feel like I can really help you achieve the results you want?" 

If I love you and you love me – I will really hope that it’s a yes but at the end of the call what I really want to do is bring you to a decision.

And if I don’t think it will work I'll let you know that I don’t think this is the right fit and here’s why, I think you need someone with a different skill set to me to help you with what you want to achieve and if I can refer I'll refer you to someone else.

And if we both come to a full-bodied YES let's do this, then we will continue to the onboarding process. YAY!

So now I’ve decided coaching is for me, what do I do?


Welcome to the commencement of an epic journey to emotional freedom. Now we will schedule a mutually convenient day and time to chat about your needs, wants and desires. Prior to your this session think about what goals you want to achieve during our time together. What top 3 goals will make this the best decision, the turning point in your life. Make them juicy and be passionate about them. You will also be given a Blockbuster Discovery Questionnaire to complete prior to your session as this will guide you to contemplate your needs. What is it you truly want?

In each session, you will discover, learn and re-acquaint yourself with and master different skills and techniques. Some weeks you will be given an actual assignment that must be completed for home play, however in all weeks, for you to get the very best out of this program it will be up to you to demonstrate and put into practice the tools you learn within our sessions. The clients that diligently practice and master these skills will benefit the most from our coaching relationship.

>>Book a time to talk with me today

Which private mentoring program is right for me?

As soon as we've said yes to working together we'll work out which program is going to give you the most profound and powerful results.

Choosing the right program will be dependent on your needs and your BIG dream and the amount of support you want to make it happen.

Here's a snapshot of what's included:  
The Oscar is a 6-month program
  • Your Brilliant Purpose Hand Analysis
  • Signature Visioning VIP Day
  • 6 months fortnightly mentoring (12 x 1-hour power chats)
  • Fulfilment Strategy
  • Connection and email support


  • I Like To Talk Communication Tool
  • Get Noticed For All The Right Reasons Blueprint
  • Sleep Meditation
The Emmy is a 3-month program:
  • Your Brilliant Purpose Hand Analysis
  • Signature Visioning VIP Day
  • 3 months fortnightly mentoring (6 x 1-hour power chats)
  • Fulfilment Strategy
  • Connection and email support


  • I Like To Talk Communication Tool
  • Sleep Meditation
The Logie is a 1-Day program:
  • Your Brilliant Purpose Hand Analysis
  • Signature Visioning VIP Day
  • Fulfilment Strategy
  • Connection and email support


  • Sleep Meditation