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5 strategies to take charge of your success & happiness



  • Are you frustrated with the same old story churning around in your head?
  • Are you tired of doubting yourself and second guessing your ability?
  • Do you feel there’s something still left untapped, unfulfilled and unanswered?
  • Do you want your mojo back – guilt free and without apology?

“I feel like everything in my life turns into a drama!”

How many times have you heard yourself think or say something exactly like this when life seems out of your control?

With just a small shift in the way you think and act, you can write a new storyline for yourself.

It can be tough, living in a world where we have instant access into the lives and highlight reels of others. It makes it so easy to compare ourselves and feel inadequate and unfulfilled.

In fact, sometimes simply living, breathing and communicating can be frustrating and exhausting.

Every life has an element of drama, which will either inspire or exhaust you. What do you choose? asks Julie-Anne Black, creator of Be Brilliant Now, a company that helps emerging leaders boost communication skills and take charge of your success and happiness, in a fresh and entertaining way.

What if you could slow down, rewind or pause your life movie long enough for you to escape Groundhog Day, direct your future and be the star of your life – guilt free?


Julie-Anne shares the secrets she learned both on camera and behind the scenes as a top television producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and production manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony). Her system can be used by anyone to help improve the quality of your relationships and your life.

If your life was a TV show, would you watch it?

“Most people are living in a drama they wouldn’t watch on TV. They don’t like the plot, storyline or sometimes even the character they’re currently playing. Instead they dream of being the star in a movie that inspires them.” Julie-Anne says. “Using a specific formula, I’ll show you how take charge of your matrix and produce the life you’ll love.

The 5 winning strategies applicable to every emerging leader:

1. Be The Producer – Your Vision: Create a ‘Signature Framework’ for achieving spectacular results
2. Be The Scriptwriter – Your Story: Write an empowering plot that moves you towards your goals
3. Be The Director – Your Perspective: Identify where your focus is in any given moment
4. Be The Star – Your Character: Engage a psychology and physiology of excellence for a strong and authentic public/private image
5. Be The Audience – Your Results: Generate authentic interpretations of the world around you to stimulate deepening connections with other key people in your life.

Who’s this live event for?

  • Professional women who want to embrace their mojo and be unapologetic about it.
  • Emerging leaders who want to celebrate being bold, sassy and dynamic.
  • For those who want to stop standing in the wings and take centre stage in their life.

If you’re a professional woman aged 29-39 who struggles with self doubt and believing in yourself, it’s time to write a different script. You are unique and that special light that only you can share needs to be turned on by you. Let me show you another way to step into your power. Hit the buy button now because this event was created especially for you.


Outcomes you’ll achieve:

  • Better self esteem and boosted confidence 
  • More tools to think differently and approach obstacles with ease and grace
  • Belief in your ability, your visions, dreams and those crazy ideas
  • A deeper appreciation of yourself – one that inspires and motivates you
  • Permission to become bold, sassy, dynamic and irresistibly you
  • Plus have a front row seat to remembering how good it feels to have fun, laugh out loud and share your brilliance with others

What you’ll receive:

  • Action packed live event hosted by Julie-Anne Black
  • Comprehensive Action Manual so you can review and revisit ideas, methods and strategies plus pages to ink your own insights capturing every nugget along the way.
  • Unique interactive exercises giving you a dress rehearsal to instantly apply the practical tools shared
  • Ask the audience to get your personal questions answered
  • Premier access to future Be Brilliant Now events – be on the red carpet to hear first about new programs and offerings.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a sneak peak behind the scenes, get yourself on the TV set of your life.

Let Julie-Anne offer the inspiration and direction needed to not only take that first step but to continue pursuing your dreams in reality.

This event is only for those willing to participate in a dynamic, sassy and fun approach to getting what you want out of life – guilt free. If this speaks to you, I’m calling you by name.

Join the action as Julie-Anne presents…

Be Brilliant Now LIVE: How to Escape Groundhog Day, direct your future and be the star of your life.

Saturday 28th June 2014
10am – 5pm

Auspicious Arts Incubator Theatre
228 Bank Street
South Melbourne Vic 3205


Julie-Anne believes the most spectacular results occur when your confidence, creativity and performance intersect and when you unearth these aspects remarkable things happen.

We promise you’ll leave feeling inspired and wowed about your own capacity to Be Brilliant Now.

“Escape Groundhog Day, direct your future and be the star of your life.”

Box Office Hit:

Thank you for a wonderful day of awareness and great tools to take away and so easily apply to my business and personal life”. Jenni Mears – Heart Radiant Women

Fun information and most of all the activities enabled me to muscle tap the information. Julie-Anne has the most contagious energy.” Helen Zee – Fertile Cosmos

“Thanks for a fantastic day. I love where we talked about using all the senses to create a compelling future. A full body experience. Thank you.” Nikki Mennel Cheeky Chimp Smoothies

“I love the format, the set-up, the analogies you applied, the exercises and ultimately the reminder to believe in yourself and trust. Thank you.” Miranda

So many a-ha moments and insights. I loved this session. Thank you.” Julie St Claire –  Style and Grace | Beauty for Brides

“Great program! Got so much out of it. Feel it’s better than reading a book. Being in a room with people all in it together makes a big difference. Jacqui

So enlightening. I knew a lot of the tools but I didn’t know how to use them. Thank you for making it so fun.” Anna

Very good tools for a life with purpose” Leighton

“Great day, yet again! Thank you. Everything landed – unsurprisingly. Fantastic Jewells! Thank you.”  Kate

I’m inspired, I can make my dreams and my goals a reality” Leonie

Great session. Realised I was hiding and telling a story about myself when it came to how I exhibited myself.” Charleen

“Great program thank you!!! I’m walking out with a lot better attitude than I arrived with. Gemma

So uplifting. Go forward to realise my dreams. Be not afraid all will be well. Thank you from my heart, you have special gifts to help the people to use their talents and go for their dreams.” Jacqueline


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