Stand Up and Talk!

“Very beneficial – thank you! I learnt the tools I need to apply, to be confident and not worry about what people think of me…” Emma Johnston 

“The teaching was fun and light hearted but very informative. A good building block to spring off. I learned very useful tools to use. Will definitively use what I have learnt into the future not just with work situations but generally in life. Bradley May – Wine Maker

“The energy from Julie-Anne was engaging and motivating. The seminar was engaging and motivating with a lot of benefits to be taken away. I will certainly feel more comfortable next time I have to speak publicly.” Steve Tamblyn – Sales Manager  

“A very positive experience in starting to understand how simple methods in body language and concentrating on maintaining focus can help project yourself to individual people and also to groups. Gaining confidence in communicating with others by using certain methods. General motivation to be positive.” Renae Hirsch – Wine Maker

“The way Julie-Anne brought out the best in everyone made us feel worth while, like we had something to offer the world. It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. Brilliant” Michelle Foster 

“Enlightening and empowering. I enjoyed the whole course. Particularly the last exercise.” Kim Longbottom – Business Owner 

“As much as I don’t like standing up in front of others, I found it great to have the opportunity to do it today with the skills I had learnt. Knowing I have survived everything up to now is very empowering. Thank you.” Kim Jackson – Wine Maker 

“Courage gave me the power and ability to be comfortable with whom I am and accept in a more positive manner the feedback others gave me. I am richer now in self-confidence and less anxious about how other people perceive me.” Trevor Lin