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The people you'll meet are all heart-centred, high achievers on a mission to make a massive difference and contribute their best in the world.

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Unique interactive exercises that give you a dress rehearsal to instantly apply the practical tools shared. You'll leave knowing how/when to implement.

claim your greatness

Over 12 years we've travelled the world to perfect our methodology so you can unleash your confidence, creativity and performance and be brilliant now.

Excellent! Good motivation and strategies to change my self image for the better!

David Hart

Talented noticeable triumphant




If your life was a TV show would you watch it?

Most people are living in a drama they wouldn’t watch on TV. They don’t like the plot, storyline or sometimes even the other characters in the scene. They’re sick of playing a shitty bit part in someone else’s movie. Instead, they dream of escaping Groundhog Day and making a massive difference and having a social impact.

A hit movie is a success because of the tension played out between the hero and their arch-nemesis. In a movie, it can be exhilarating. When it’s your life, it can be exhausting.

If only you could Google your story and find out how it all turns out. But you can’t and really you don't want to either...

The magic of your blockbuster adventure is yours to enjoy. Become the producer, the writer, the director and the hero of your own story because you are the star of your life so why not make it brilliant! 

In this one-day presentation we’ll set the scene so you can:

  • Make a huge gratitude shift for your own Hero's Journey and the plot twists you’ve faced so far
  • Experience a massive wake up call exploring how a fixed mindset keeps you safe
  • Unlock your growth mindset superpower so you can stop sabotaging your success and start celebrating your brilliance
  • Cool tools you can rely on that are fun, practical and easy to master plus you can use them to produce results immediately!
  • Best of all, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, wowed and inspired by your own capacity to be brilliant now.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Be Brilliant Now signature event TNT
Be Brilliant Now live event TNT

The energy from Julie-Anne was engaging and motivating. The seminar was engaging and motivating with a lot of benefits to be taken away. I will certainly feel more comfortable next time I have to speak publicly.”

Steve Tamblyn

League of Extraordinary Women Keynote presentation with Julie-Anne Black from Be Brilliant Now

Reflect. Release. Realign. Recharge.

TUESDAY 29 January 2019


WHAT: Interactive session with guest speaker with Q&A at the end

WHERE: MYOB, 167 Cremorne St, Cremorne 3121

TIME: 6.00pm (with a 6.30pm start) to 8.30pm

TOPIC // Reflect, Release, Realign, Recharge with Julie-Anne Black

2019 is finally here. Do you feel as if each year starts full of hope, excitement and promises? Resolutions that fall to the wayside a few months in, if not a few weeks in? Have you ever wondered why it feels so tough to follow through with something and your resistance to change?

We all have aspirations and dreams that we want to pursue and with a fresh year starting, it's a nice lil motivation for us to finally buckle down and work towards them.

Our guest speaker for the night will be sharing her incredible journey on how she was able to change gears and follow her intuition to finally create her life into the tv show she's always dreamed of. As a TV producer of well-known Australian shows, she was always run off her feet building other people's tv shows - bringing them to life but in doing that she was neglecting her own "tv show" of life. So it's very fitting as we have Julie-Anne share with us her journey and her knowledge on how to reflect, release, refocus and recharge each year to make 2019 the best year of your entire life!

GUEST SPEAKER // Julie-Anne Black

Julie-Anne has worked with some of Australia's top entrepreneurs to assist them breakthrough their limiting beliefs and destroy self-sabotage behaviours. It is with great pleasure that we invite her to speak at our first League meetup for 2019!

To make the night extremely interactive we have included two questions for you to complete as you register for this event.

1. How was 2018 for you?

2. What are your aspirations for 2019?


If you’re a female entrepreneur or thinking of owning your own business, this Meet Up is the perfect setting to meet other women in the same boat. This is not a networking group – we’re here to have real conversations and make real connections.

What do we mean by real? Well you know when you walk into a room and feel welcome even when you don’t know anyone? Or when you share experiences with someone and they say “me too!”? How about when you share tough times with someone and they don’t try to give you the advice to fix it but rather - they just get you. This is what happens at League of Extraordinary Women Meet Ups.


Bold, Brave, Brilliant Women In Business panel discussion

bold, brave & brilliant women in business

thursday 29 AUGUST, 2019


For all heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs and all round brilliant women. Come together for an evening of fun, depth, connection, celebration and brilliant conversation.

We'll hear stories of determination, diversity, inclusion, the ups, downs and sideways turns that cause you to take risks, follow your intuition and be brilliant now.

Meet our panel members and lap up the gorgeous atmosphere. Our stunning venue is proudly sponsored by Russell Kennedy Women's Network. 

Need more enticing... We'll also have goodie bags and door prizes to celebrate you being you. What a joy!

Come and touch souls with other bold, brave and brilliant women in business. I guarantee you'll leave feeling wowed and inspired by your own capacity to be brilliant now.

Advanced sale early bird tickets and all the juicy details are here.



Mentoring helps you master your mind so you can be brilliant now making a massive difference sharing your best work in the world.

I produced this program for Caroline who wrote “I have worked with Julie-Anne over quite a few months and never experienced such personal insight and growth. With Julie-Anne’s careful and loving guidance, my life has moved profoundly. She nurtured my heart, challenged my mind, questioned my assumptions and offered me her wisdom. Coaches are everywhere. Great coaches are rare and Julie-Anne is in the realm of the truly amazing!”

And for Andrew who said "The results were mind blowing! Prior to Julie-Anne I had always struggled with my confidence and to think on my feet and trust my instincts. So when Julie-Anne showed me how to use my body and mind to focus on the successful completion of the outcome, I was blown away with how powerful it was.”

Knowing that these and thousands more creative entrepreneurs and emerging leaders, just like you, are now making a massive difference sharing their best work in the world because they not only found the courage to face their inner demons, they set new standard, defied the odds, and stepped up. And I am so grateful that I was able to play a pivotal role in helping them take centre stage and be brilliant now.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer our most popular questions and of course if you want more, sing out we'd love to hear from you.

In 2005 I founded Be Brilliant Now with the desire to create a supportive environment fostering change, growth and excellence. Since then, I've developed a diverse range of personal transformation, wellness and career enhancement trainings. >>Click to see available Masterclasses: 

Being one of Australia’s leading NLP Trainers, I work with emerging leaders, creative entrepreneurs and BIG dreaming high achievers to provide powerful principles, tools and dialogue to clarify your purpose and goals, giving practical insights to assist you to succeed.

Detailed knowledge of a wide range of modalities has become the key to achieving high levels of success with my students and coaching clients. 

Prior to entering the world of Personal Development, I spent 22 years years in the television and event industries managing teams from 8 - 800. Some career highlights were producing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Comedians For A Cause and a Production Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies. I have worked intimately with high pressure, tight deadlines and strict budgets. This paradigm has served me to be deeply committed to the importance of effective communication, dedication, focus, discipline and courage.

I believe learning is active not passive that's why I ensure that we focus on a learn / do model. I'll support you to think differently, bust through mental roadblocks quickly so you can achieve spectacular results consistently. It is your responsibility to put the practical tools I'll share with you into daily use. That will give you the most immediate and long-lasting results.

All of our programs are a process of discovery, experimentation, curiosity and creativity with fun, easy to master techniques to help you fully, completely and lovingly get to know the deepest depths of yourself and therefore make the biggest difference in the world.

It allows you to take responsibility for your actions, reactions and results in all areas of your life and ultimately help others do the same. It is definitely exciting and sometimes confrontational to know yourself with such authenticity.

I look back to how I was without the training I've had and rejoice in who I am now because of it.

Our programs are future-focused, holistic and a game changer for anyone wanting to be brilliant now. If you know things must change and you also know the only person to make the change is you then you’re in the right place. Make it easier for yourself and enrol today.

Firstly you can expect a massive high five and celebration of you!!! 

The mentoring and training I offer will probably be different from what you might have expected because I like to make it as interesting and fun for you to achieve the most powerful and profound transformation possible.

As your alternative health care mentor, I have been trained and certified in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, Psychosomatic Therapy, Journey work, Scientific Hand Analysis etc at the Master Coach and Trainer level and will be using these techniques.

Throughout everything Be Brilliant Now offers, it is very important for us to discover the internal thought process of HOW you create the problem. We are interested in helping you to identify your strategy of how you do it rather than why. Because our focus is on structure, that means that, once we discover it, we can move on and focus on having the problem disappear very quickly.

Our training process allows you to learn new ways of communicating with yourself and those around you. You will reconnect and realign yourself to know internally who you are, what you want and where you’re going. In other words being who you need to BE, to do what you want to DO in order to have what you want to HAVE. Once your relationship with yourself blossoms you will find that wealth and transformation are inevitable. You grow.

Serious Stuff – Credentials:

  • Certified Trainer & Master Coach Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Trainer & Master Coach Time Line Therapy®
  • Certified Instructor of Hypnosis
  • Level 1 Scientific Hand Analysis
  • Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy
  • APEP – Initiated in Level 1 – Ancient Hawaiian Huna Healing
  • ICF – Associate Certified Coach
  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Advanced Practitioner in Coach Mastery
  • Graduate of Women’s Intuition in Business Program
  • Graduate of Levels 1,2 and 3 in Universal Intelligence
  • Public Speaking & Training Skills Certification
  • Learning To Lead Certificate

I'd love to be able to say a resounding YES! Absolutely it will work for you! And 100% it can.  The truth is the only way it's going to work for you is if you also do the work necessary.

It is important that you stubbornly focus on what you want. The people who are the happiest over-all in life are those who recognise that you have a choice to focus on what you don’t want or what you DO want. You can focus on negative emotions and things that make you feel bad, or you can focus on positive emotions and things that make you feel good. It is your choice. After the sessions, YOU MUST FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT and TAKE ACTION and this may include you’re enforcing your boundaries. These steps are for you to perform OUTSIDE the training room, and they are not in the teacher's control - therefore no responsibility can or will be accepted for your results not achieved.

If you feel your old behaviour/problem reappearing, then you must refuse to run that pattern again. Please remember that we have the utmost total and complete respect for you and absolutely no respect for your old problems.

Finally, there is no magic pill so to speak but I'm fairly confident that with good commitment and work on your part, and your willingness to trust this process and trust your guide you can achieve what it is you want to achieve. 

The direct answer is no.

When we have our Blockbuster Discovery session together I will ask you a series of questions. The process is for me to assess you just as much as I expect you to assess me and if we have that special connection to make magic so you can achieve and surpass your goals then we will explore your options from there.

I will be asking myself "Will this student play well with others to help create a high performing environment?” "Do I feel excited to work with you and do I feel like you joining our program, you will receive the results you're seeking?" 

If I love you and you love me – I will really hope that it’s a yes but at the end of the call what I really want to do is bring you to a decision.

And if I don’t think it will work I'll let you know that I don’t think this is the right fit and here’s why, I think you need someone with a different skill set to me to help you with what you want to achieve and if I can I'll refer you to someone else.

And if we both come to a full-bodied YES let's do this, then we will continue to the onboarding process. YAY!

As soon as we've said yes to working together we'll work out which program is going to give you the most profound and powerful results.

Choosing the right program will be dependent on your needs and your BIG dream and the amount of support you want to make it happen.