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When it comes to success, do you often feel like there's an elusive hack everyone else knows but you?

Be Brilliant Now Success Mindset

Life is different with a Success Mindset

Activating a Success Mindset means creating an attitude shift. And this checklist will show you how.

Identify a Fixed Mindset and learn how to shift it... fast!

When there are more obstacles than wins you need to innovate

Remember an attitude shift can instantly change your results

Embrace disruption and never be afraid of growth

Learn to create rather than compete

Boost performance and drive

Encourage yourself to be bold, brave and brilliant right now

Be Brilliant Now Success Mindset Checklist

Print the checklist out and keep it close to remind you that you always have a choice!

Focus on the successful completion
of the outcome you want.

When doubt creeps in, it's the perfect time to activate a success mindset. It will help you pull focus and take action on what's essential so you can be brilliant now.

How can a Success Mindset help?

Be brilliant now with Julie-Anne Black

It's your superpower in our ever-changing world. Especially when you're faced with setbacks, challenges and need to put in lots of effort.


That's why I created this checklist. To give you a quick snapshot so you can instantly know when you're operating from a fixed mindset or success mindset.


When you feel restricted, resistant or like you’re walking through treacle when making decisions or trying to take action towards your dreams, it’s a tell-tale sign that you need to tweak your attitude.


So next time you say "Who am I to...." Stop and ask "What skills do I need to do that? ...Become that! ...Deserve that!


My clients love quick visual reminders that are practical and easy to master so you can implement it for instant results. And that's what I believe this Success Mindset checklist gives you.


Follow the prompts below so you can download your FREE copy today!


There's never been a better time to Be Brilliant Now.

But don't take my word for it....

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

"I loved your Success Mindset Model because it was really simple to know when I was operating from a fixed mindset and what I could do to change."

"It was an aha moment when I realised some key players in our business were operating from a fixed mindset and how I could help them have an attitude shift!"

"I keep this checklist on my desk as a constant reminder that I always have a choice. If I feel like I'm giving up easily I can remind myself to shift my attitude."

Be Brilliant Now Success Mindset Checklist

Here's what some of our purpose-driven entrepreneurs have said:

"Thank you! So simple and easy to share with everyone in our business."

"The checklist is practical and easy to implement. Thank you."

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