When you're unclear you need clarity.
So you can actually achieve what you want!

Single 1:1 Clarity sessions now available.

How many of these traits have you felt in the past 2 weeks?

You feel isolated and on your own but you know you work best when you can talk it out and workshop a plan

A mind full of ideas but no clear direction or bigger purpose

Motivated then discouraged. "I'm totally inspired..." "This will never work..." "Oh YES this is it..." "WHAT am I thinking..."

Scattered approach. Jumping from idea to idea without completing or accomplishing much

Frustrated, stressed-out, snappy

Overwhelmed, confused, apathetic

You're in a fog. Even though you've done a lot of courses and listen to aspirational podcasts you still feel stuck 

You know you're better than what you're being right now

Currently going through a tough time and you're not sure how to move forward

"You want to be more intentional with your success!"

Your Clarity session will give you 5 quick wins:

Insights into what's blocking you and what you can do about it

A plan that gives you clarity and makes you feel excited and empowered

Help to explore and clarify your thoughts, motivations and feelings

Tailored strategies to stop the whirling of endless unhelpful thoughts

A confidential place to voice your doubts, fears and concerns and also let them go

What you will gain:

Practical techniques that are fun and easy to master with immediate results

Post-session accountability, check-in and motivation 

FREE 20-minute Spotlight Coaching Session to help you be brilliant now

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"I had so many ideas but no real clarity until I spoke to Jewells"

How does a Clarity session work:

In your exclusive 60-90 minute session, we can discuss anything that's on your mind right now!

Specifically, we'll get clear on what's next for you, understand why you do what you do and outline the best steps to take.

You'll leave with more clarity and in most cases an action plan so you can be bold, brave and brilliant right now.

Pre and post session questionnaire

Conducted in person or via Zoom with a recording available

AU $300

Happiness Guarantee to ensure you walk away feeling empowered and excited about what's next. I guarantee my work because my experience has shown me that my clients always get results. This will be you too. 

This is an opportunity to:

Feel an instant sense of clarity... and relief 

Identify what's blocking you in any area of your life 

Be in a safe and confidential environment to speak openly, honestly and candidly about your vision, BIG dreams, doubts, fears and everything in between

Feel back in charge and inflow especially if things have been feeling "off"

Receive truth bombs about the games you play, and how your thought patterns, beliefs, values and unconscious behaviours all drive you to think, act and communicate in a certain way.



"It was really refreshing and extremely helpful to me that you were quite direct (in a lovely way!)"



This session isn't for you if you:

Hold back and don't want to open up and be fully honest

Don't want to do or think about things differently

Are unwilling to take the necessary action to truly help yourself

Really, really don't believe things can be different for you




You want to find the thing that's
holding you back from being brilliant.
Ultimately letting it go once and for all!

It's easy to normalise the busy-ness in your head and the restlessness you're feeling.


Especially when you feel deeply that you have something great to offer.

Clarity is possible

Overthinking. Fantasising. Imagining. Expecting. Worrying. Doubting. Sometimes when you want something so badly you ruin it before it begins.


Don't spend another moment feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed. A single session could help you find the clarity you crave.

Let's be bold, brave and brilliant together

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You might be wondering, “What can we really achieve in a single clarity session or two?” Oh so much!
Check this out...

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

It's such an amazing privilege to speak with someone who knows exactly what to say in order to 'pop my bubble' within such a short session haha! Love you!

Jewells' honest approach identified some critical self-sabotaging behaviours which I absolutely could not have identified on own. Jewells also shared some practical advice on how to overcome these. Thank you Jewells your truth bombs were exactly what I needed.

With only 3 sessions with Jewells, I was able to take control of my life and my actions in a conscious and more productive way and that strong self-belief and understanding of the next actions I need to take has stuck with me still today! Thank you Jewells, you have been my much needed and most incredible influence on my life!

Jewells literally changed my mindset towards life. Jewells doesn’t just give you a theory about life, the advice she gave is very tailored. She’s got incredible observational skills. I never open my heart so easily (or cry) in front of a stranger that I met 20 minutes ago. Jewells made me feel safe and comfortable to be myself. So grateful. 

The biggest change was in my mindset. Jewells was incredible to work with. I had such a great time being able to talk and open up about my fears and concerns. I learnt I can move forward with a mindset that embraces all opportunities for the right reasons and have a stronger and more empowered understanding of myself.

Hi, I'm Jewells!

A Life Coach, Writer and Joy Advocate.

My superpower is being able to figure out very quickly the thing that's stopping you from being brilliant. Then join the dots on how the block works, how it has worked and ultimately what you need to do let it go - for good!


At the top of my game as a TV and Events Producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and a Production Manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony) I felt restless.


I'd seen first hand what destroyed the confidence, creativity and performance in both individuals and teams. And understood how much harder it was to be brilliant when you're telling yourself you're ordinary.

Hooked on human behaviour

In the early 90s, I did a short stint at Uni studying a Diploma of Advertising. There was a subject I remember acing called Human Behaviour.

I was hooked. After doing a gazillion more courses, I realised there was a logical system for how you think the way you think and why you do and don't get the results you want.

Imagine your life was a TV show!

It made me appreciate that life really is like a hit TV show. Where you're in charge of producing, writing, directing, editing and starring in your own brilliant life.

One thing I know for sure, you're the hero of your story here to be bold, brave and brilliant right now. What are you waiting for?

Normally you and I can only work together when you sign up for my signature 3-month VIP program. Which is awesome and you should definitely check it out especially if you've got a specific goal to achieve in the next 90 days or you've been through a rough time and you know you'd benefit from a more in-depth program that holds your hand every step of the way. If this is you click here or get in contact to chat about your options.


But right now you can also book in for single Clarity sessions! YAY!

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