The fastest way to get what you want is CLARITY

You know it can be near impossible to produce the life you'll love living when you continually sabotage your success.
Sometimes you even doubt you have what it takes to make it happen.

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The uncomfortable truth about destructive thoughts

If you're prone to self-sabotage and having destructive thoughts, you've probably been doing it for as long as you can remember. You may not even know it's self-sabotage. Because why would anyone want to sabotage their happiness, peace, joy and success?

But plenty of us do, and it usually stems from a constant feeling of not being good enough, thinking you should have made a lot more progress than what you have and if you are moving in the direction you desire, you can thwart your success by feeling like a fraud! 

On some level, you'll have a storyline that tells you that you're unworthy or undeserving of success - especially the consistent long-term success you desire. 

Yes, it is possible to transform destructive thought patterns and sabotage behaviours you think are hard-wired even when you've had a big story and a lot going on for you for a long time. 

That's why you've found yourself here and why it's such a robust conversation for us to have. It's time to stop being your best-kept secret so you can interrupt hard-wired habits that hurt you and those you love most. With the new year just begun and a dazzling new decade, there's never been a better time to be bold, brave and brilliant than right now!


Your productivity will increase when you expect goodness to happen

"It was really refreshing and extremely helpful to me that you were quite direct (in a lovely way!)" Laura

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Human Behaviour Specialist and Master Life Coach

Internationally Accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis Trainer

Accomplished TV & Events Producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony)

Through my dynamic training programs, I have inspired thousands to take charge of their success and happiness

You'll receive the truth bombs you need to hear so you can defy the odds, step up and Be Brilliant Now

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If your life was a TV show would you watch it?

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Your blockbuster coaching session will help you:

Storylines, habits and sabotage

Discover what has been holding you back from being brilliant in a safe and confidential environment. Speak openly, honestly and candidly about your BIG dreams, doubts, fears and everything in between.

Truth Bombs and Insights

Receive truth bombs about the games you play, and how your thought patterns, beliefs, values and unconscious behaviours all drive you to think, act and communicate in a certain way.

Tailored Strategies & Action Plan

A plan that gives you the clarity you crave and makes you feel empowered and excited about what's next for you. Feel back in control of the successful completion of the outcomes you want.

Jewells will help you:

Understand what IS working in your life - what is NOT working and why it isn't working

Turn destructive behaviours & thoughts into new strategies that serve, support, nurture and encourage you

Release past mistakes, pain, blocks and fears

Make radical improvements to your life by transforming your internal thought processes and external behaviours

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Happy thoughts from our Brilliant Blockbuster clients

Jewells' honest approach identified some critical self-sabotaging behaviours which I absolutely could not have identified on own. Jewells also shared some practical advice on how to overcome these. Thank you Jewells your truth bombs were exactly what I needed.

It's such an amazing privilege to speak with someone who knows exactly what to say in order to 'pop my bubble' within such a short session haha! Love you!

With only 3 sessions with Jewells, I was able to take control of my life and my actions in a conscious and more productive way and that strong self-belief and understanding of the next actions I need to take has stuck with me still today! Thank you Jewells, you have been my much needed and most incredible influence on my life!

You will receive:

Action Guides

Pre and post-session Action Guide to help you record your insights so you can achieve the clarity to crave. Plus tailored post-session recap, accountability and motivation.

Welcome Meditation

A short welcome meditation to help set the mood. You can use it anytime you would like to settle the anxiety and return to place of peace in your heart and mind.

Success Mindset Checklist

Activating a Success Mindset especially when you're faced with setbacks and challenges is a must. This checklist will show you how.

"Your Blockbuster Coaching Session will give you the boost you need to be bold, brave and brilliant right now.

Your Life Coach
Julie-Anne Black

At Be Brilliant Now, I believe the story of every human can be improved. Most of us are stuck in Groundhog day, doubting we have what it takes to produce the life we’ll love living. This doubt destroys your BIG dream, your belief in yourself and the results you’re capable of consistently achieving.

I coach, train and speak about the life skills everyday hero’s need to be bold, brave and brilliant right now.

Your Blockbuster Success Coach Julie-Anne Black

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