Young Stars @ School

The students are restless…

The issues of bullying are still occurring… At risk kids are still pointing in the wrong direction…

Enter: “The Ultimate Mindset Strategist”

Your students want to hear from a dynamic speaker who challenges the way they think and act for all the right reasons. They want success strategies and practical tips that will deliver immediate results. And they want it to be creativefun and easy to master right now.

~ A step towards a brighter, happier future. ~

You care about the messages your students are told, so they have the the best opportunity to make better quality decisions today.

You’ve been looking for a motivational speaker and renowned expert in mindset and body language who will share compelling and inspiring messages with humour. Someone who teaches unique methods on the power of the mind / body connection. And how the combination of what you THINK, what you SAY and what you DO impacts your behaviour, influences your outcomes and how you interact with the world around you.

In fact, you’ve been searching for a speaker who will connect directly by sharing her own personal story of trauma to triumph. Someone that still remembers what it felt like to face the tough stuff at school, the personal trouble it can cause after they leave and what life is like for them today.

Jewells promises to deliver punch. She is raw, real and ridiculously good at sharing the exact tools, success strategies and powerful recommendations that continually help her design a compelling future to make her dreams a reality and create the spectacular.

~ New thinking for better opportunities. ~

Most of all you want an entertaining presentation that captivates, educates and inspires your students to be their best. To paint a picture of what life can be like when you take responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions.

That’s why Jewells is your best choice. After her dad died when she was only 6 years old, her confidence was hit and this marked the start of an uncertain phase that spanned almost 2 decades. Even today she still remembers what it was like to be bullied, at school. She became an at risk kid that felt isolated, alone and totally out of control, even attempting to die at the tender age of 15. After a tumultuous battle of high highs and extreme lows she took control. She knows how tough it is, and how hard she’s worked to turn her life around and create a future she is excited and passionate about. She is grateful for the mentors she has had, the ones that shared that there was another way. She knows how important and powerful it is to have role models that mix enthusiasm and humour with motivational stories to deliver a high-content message that will “Empower your students to achieve spectacular results!” And this is one of the most prominent reasons why Jewells does what she does today. Read more of Jewell’s Journey here.

~ Her Style Is Unique, Innovative, Cheeky, Intuitive, Purposeful And Entertaining. ~

Jewells touches your audience with energy, purpose, passion, and intent. Every single time. She designs a signature message with core tips to make the most significant difference in the lives of your students.

Her natural storytelling ability will lead your audience through a compelling personal and heartfelt journey that will deliver an uplifting message sure to touch the heart and soul of your audience. On a personal level, this is a tribute to her Dad. On a global, world-vision level she’s saying, ‘Don’t wait until it’s too late to live a rewarding, spectacular life with fun, passion, purpose, power, and intent.’

In 2016, Jewells will be travelling to schools all around the country.

Call 0403 577 553 to talk with Jewells about your schools needs, wants and desires.

Your students (and teachers) deserve to hear from one of the best motivational speakers in Australia. It may just be what you’ve been looking for! Book Jewells today.

~ Your Audience Is Guaranteed To CONNECT, REFLECT, AND BE INSPIRED! ~

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