Stand Up and Talk! (6 days)

Unearth The Secrets To Captivating Your Audience


Bring your communication skills to a new level. Look relaxed, confident and in control next time you have to face an audience.

When you see powerful and influential people in entertainment, business, education, service or government, they have probably spent years working on an effective speaking persona. The good news is you can learn essential techniques in weeks, not years!


Learn how to develop a dynamic style and persuasive speaking talents to match your personality. Acquire skills in presenting a creative approach to non-creative topics – or better still, to non-creative audiences!

Sell yourself, your business and your success.

Our presentation techniques work for anyone willing to do the work. This results-oriented small group training, gives you the guidance and attention to learn these skills quickly and put them to use consistently.

The Key Outcomes:

  • Control your nerves and mannerisms
  • Use your personality to your advantage
  • Create engaging, effective presentations
  • Utilise essential rules for good information and visuals
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend preparing presentations
  • Project a level of confidence you may have never expected
  • Embrace the 8 principles for Brilliance
  • Learn how to use your speech and tonality to build instant rapport and communication
  • Assist people to have more behavioural flexibility by gracefully moving them beyond their boundary conditions
  • Learn how to structure stories which can move a client from stuck no options to positive resourceful states of well-being
  • Discover the power of abstract language and how it can induce trance states and agreement
  • Manage questions from the audience effectively
  • Build strategies that guarantee your success
  • Move on the stage elegantly and purposefully
  • Keys to successful demonstrations
  • Exercise Design
  • What’s in a press kit

This is a heart-based training for those with a calling to be in the spotlight.

This is a highly monitored and interactive 6-day course where you can expect to be:

  • Stretched and challenge to play a bigger game
  • Defined by your dreams not your fears
  • Expanded into an awareness you never thought possible
  • Nurtured as you share your gifts with the world
  • Empowered to take the stage and make a difference

Preparation for the training:

You will have pre-prepared a 2-minute presentation to be filmed on day 1 and then again on day 5 to review your progress. Throughout the course you will also write and present a 20-minute signature talk, which will be delivered, to the group on the final day.

Designed For:

Those devoted to becoming a charismatic communicator will benefit greatly from this truly inspirational event.

  • Directors, Musicians, Authors, Publicists, Producers, Stylists, Photographers, Event Producers, Journalists
  • CEO’s, Executives, HR Managers, Team Leaders, Sales Executives, Customer Service Professionals
  • Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Leaders
  • Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Mentors, Consultants
  • Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Real Estate Agents


6 Days – delivered over 2 weekends i.e.: the start of the month and the end of the month (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)


$3,597 per person

What’s included:

  • Action Guide
  • 2 x 2 minute filmed presentations of you to compare your progress (note: this is for review purposes and will not be ‘sizzle reel’ quality)
  • Light Lunch including gourmet sandwiches
  • Use of supplied props

You will be amazed with how simple techniques can turn you from great to brilliant. Practice the tools you learn and you will become masterful.