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Do you want to know what’s stopping you from being brilliant? A life coach can help.

Don’t spend another moment stuck in emotional chaos. A single session with a life coach can help you create the mental relief and clarity you crave.


Stuck in emotional chaos? A life coach can help!


When you’re a creative entrepreneur who has a BIG dream to make a difference, you can actually normalise that it’s ok to consistently find yourself operating from a space of emotional chaos. Problem is it will take its toll on your health, your relationships and your results.


What does emotional chaos look like?

  • A mind full of ideas – some brilliant, some average but you find you don’t act on any of them
  • Silent shame because you’re not making the difference you want to make
  • Frustrated, stressed-out, snappy
  • Frozen in it, like you’re just going through the motions
  • You’re “managing” but not thriving and definitely not being bold, brave and brilliant.
  • Like you’re at crossroads… AGAIN


You’re an advocate for taking responsibility for your actions, reactions and results. You’ve got all the self-help books, you fill your mind listening to podcasts, you’ve probably even done NLP and the likes but somehow you just can’t shift this – by yourself. The worst thing is it’s familiar. Oh so familiar. You’ve been here before many times but this is a different iteration of the same story. You feel like you’ll never get off this emotional rollercoaster, something will always be out of whack! It’s chaos in your head.


You sense nothing major is wrong. You just need to bounce some ideas around. Talk with someone who’ll provide clarity and find the thing that’s holding you back from being brilliant, show you how it works, how it has worked and ultimately give you practical strategies so you can ultimately let it go and move on now. Once and for all! Yes! You want the magic pill!


This is where our single sessions are a beacon of shining light. TA-DAH-DAH


Normally you and I can only work together when you sign up for my signature 3-month VIP program – which is awesome and you should definitely check it out especially if you’ve been through immense emotional trauma or you know you’d benefit from a more in-depth program that holds your hand every step of the way. If this is you click here or get in contact to chat about your options.


But right now you can also book in for a single life coach session! YAY!


Now you might be wondering, “what can we really achieve in a single life coach session or two?” Oh so much! Check this out.

“I came to Jewells at a crossroads.”

“And wanted to set ambitious objectives and I craved clarity after a stress-fuelled few years freelancing where I lacked any sense of work-life balance. Jewells’ honest approach identified some critical self-sabotaging behaviours which I absolutely could not have identified on own. Jewells also shared some practical advice on how to overcome these. Even in the short week since our conversation, acknowledging these behaviours has evoked a different approach to my work and I am already yielding more positive outcomes. Jewells also allowed me to see the strengths in my current situation and to celebrate my successes thus far. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I feel reinvigorated to restructure my business which will alleviate a lot of the stress I was experiencing whilst stimulating new growth and opportunities for scale. Thank you Jewells for your time and honesty. Your truth bombs were exactly what I needed.” Love Sophie


Or this from Mads

“With only 3 sessions with Jewels, I was able to take control of my life and my actions in a conscious and more productive way and that strong self-belief and understanding of the next actions I need to take has stuck with me still today! Thank you Jewels, you have been my much needed and most incredible influence on my life!”


What you can expect:

  • Truth bombs around why you’re doing what you do and how to change it
  • Specific and tailored strategies to stop the negative thoughts and habits
  • Clarity around best next steps to take
  • Specific actions to complete, plus added inspiration and insights
  • Home play to report back to me with
  • Accountability check-in and motivation after the session


This is an opportunity to:

  • Work hard quickly
  • Have a quick win especially when you feel you’ve been dropping the ball lately
  • Feel an instant sense of relief
  • Have a confidant that lovingly calls you on your stuff so you can move right through this phase


This isn’t for you if you’re:

  • Not prepared to do the work
  • Want to hand the responsibility over to someone else aka me
  • Often blame others for your lack of results
  • Won’t do or think about things differently
  • Don’t take the necessary action to help yourself


It’s ok if you’re nervous. You may even be a little scared of what will be asked of you. It’s natural. But you’ll be surprised and delighted about how good it feels to bounce ideas around with someone whose pure intention is to lovingly call you on your stuff. Our life coach session will give you the clarity you’re craving so you can shift the needle and start to progress forward. Often at lightning speed.


Feel an instant sense of relief


Kate shared this after her single life coach session.

“Thanks so much again for an amazing one-on-one with you. It’s such a privilege to be able to speak with someone who knows me so well and knows exactly what to say in order to ‘pop my bubble’ within such a short session haha love you ??”


You may not feel it in every cell of your body yet but this really is a very exciting time for you. So I want to give you a big virtual hug, remind you you’re amazing. You can and will make the difference you want and I’m here to help if you’ll let me. I can be on your winning team if you want to stop the emotional chaos and get the relief and clarity you crave.


Isn’t it time you escaped Groundhog Day and directed your future being bold, brave and brilliant right now. I promise this is an invitation you won’t regret.


There really is a magic pill available and I can help.


Sign up for your single life coach session today. Click the link, schedule your time and let’s do this.


Remember you are the hero of your story and the star of your life. Are you ready to Be Brilliant Now!


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