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 Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language    Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language    Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language       Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language       Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language    Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language

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You cannot fake body language and your body language will always reveal your true intent.

“Being a bold and irresistible communicator is a lot like producing a hit TV show! You will be a ratings success or flop depending on how you connect and engage with your audience!”

This masterclass will help you become aware of your own body language and in turn help you more effectively ‘read’ the body language of your clients, customers, colleagues, boss, partner, etc. You’ll know how the conversation is progressing by keenly observing their gestures, posture, behaviours and action. We’ll go a lot deeper than traditional superficial issues such as ‘crossed arms’.

It’s true, isn’t it – anything you want in life is possible once you learn the secrets to communication.

You can produce it all! A brilliant career, a happy family and fulfilling relationship, love, business opportunities, fame, popularity, wealth, status – you name it – it is all within your reach IF you focus on your communication skills.

The good news is, being a bold and irresistible communicator is a skill you can master. It’s not something most people are inherently born with. It’s a craft that needs to be honed and perfected.

Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body LanguageOver  the years of being a top TV and Events Producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and a Production Manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony) and now an International Speaker, Mindset, Body Language and NLP Trainer, if there’s one thing I’ve become sure of is that communication is a system – it’s not accidental.

I know what works and what doesn’t. And as long as you follow the steps, you will communicate like a Super Star – ALL THE TIME!

This masterclass is for you if you’re an executive, team leader, entrepreneur, and sales manager dealing with people from all walks of life. With 93% of your communication being non-verbal (outside the words you use) it is critical the silent signals of your body language are interpreted in the way you want.

I’ve identified these to be the top 7 difficulties when communicating.

  1. Don’t know how to clearly articulate the message you want to share
  2. Your communication can swing on a pendulum from reactive and passive or aggressive and unapproachable rather than proactive and assertive
  3. You lack confidence and get intimidated easily especially in new situations
  4. You’re scared to step into the spotlight for fear of being misconstrued or ridiculed
  5. You don’t know how to ‘read’ people to know if your message is getting through
  6. You get nervous and uncomfortable when put on the spot
  7. You’re working hard only to realize you’re missing out on opportunities

Leaders who don’t learn to become masterful communicators by interacting with your teams, staff and clients in a purposeful and meaningful way can waste thousands of dollars, lose great staff and miss out on cool opportunities.

Eventbrite - Body Language Secrets To Produce Superstar Appeal

So if you want to:

  1. Become a confident, influential and engaged leader
  2. Produce a happy and high performing environment
  3. Receive rewards and recognition for work well done

You are in for a transformational treat!

Which means, as a result of completing this masterclass, you’ll know how to:-

  1. Turn nervous energy into fuel for your performance
  2. Have more certainty to connect and engage with your audience
  3. The confidence and know-how that comes from being ready

You’ll love learning how to:

  • Understand and improve your own body language
  • The art and magic of communicating and why it matters
  • How to become a great ‘reader’ of others
  • Universal Body Language – How to produce instant feelings of confidence
  • Be Brilliant Now by getting relaxed and comfortable to meet new people
  • The silent signals – what body angles really say
  • Space invaders – too close for comfort
  • Personal barriers – what you use to protect yourself
  • Mirror Mirror – what about me: mad, sad and confident
  • Does your audience believe you? Be congruent aligning your thoughts, words and actions
  • Trust your instincts with hakalau – an ancient Hawaiian huna healing technique
  • The Secret to producing instant rapport and maintain it
  • Tailor your body language to influence particular reactions in others
  • Look Me In The Eyes – appreciate how the movements of the eyes can show you what a person is really thinking.
  • Lie to me – Sometimes we don’t speak the same language; reading the personality behind the vocabulary.
  • “I like to talk” Profiling tool – recognise which senses you prefer to communicate with so you can develop behavioural flexibility
  • Look at me! – Make a great first impression over and over again
  • Family Feud – Common mistakes in reading body language

I’ll show you how to take centre stage in your life.

I’ll give you the sound bytes you need to develop a voice of influence and presence that captivates, educates and inspires.

Best of all, you’ll know how to communicate like a Superstar – ALL THE TIME!

There is no need to keep being your own best-kept secret, feeling stressed and anxious on a regular basis. You will love how easy it actually is to produce your own superstar appeal and I’ll show you how.

Are you ready to Be Brilliant Now?

Eventbrite - Body Language Secrets To Produce Superstar Appeal

PLUS you’ll enjoy:

  • A lovely lunch
  • Tea, coffee, water
  • Chocolate and fruit a plenty
  • 60-page action guide
  • Answers to your Questions
  • Live demonstrations
  • Rehearsal time for techniques learnt
  • Opportunities to be in the hotseat with Jewells
  • ‘I did it’ completion certificate
  • Practical tools, that are fun, easy to master and implement for instant and long lasting results

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Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Now Body Language     Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language    Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language     Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language


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Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language    Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now Body Language    Julie-Anne Black Be Brilliant Now

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Our raving fans say it’s a box office hit:

“It is a life enhancing experience as it helps you understand people better. It also helps me look closely at my behavioural patterns and assisted me in changing them to project a more positive image. Could not have had a better course or trainer!” Chris – Business Analyst

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. It is very informative and fun at the same time, and really gets you thinking about how you can take control of all situations. I am very excited about practicing what we have learnt.” Stav – Project Manager

“Awesome course. Full of excitement and energy. Well worth doing.” Dimitri – Sales Executive

“Really great for understanding people emotions especially when you have to constantly deal with many faces every day.” Abdul – Personal Trainer

“Julie-Anne was inspiring, confident and presented a terrific course! I felt that everything we learnt was relevant to my experiences and the practical ideas and processes taught were easy to do once the course was complete. A huge thank you for your inspired guidance!” Sasha – Teacher

“My greatest insights were recognising how to project my body language to suit the situation and how to potentially understand others around me. Whilst practice will increase my ability.” Joanne – Admin

“This training showed me how to be more confident in who I am. That inner peace gives peace to others. Be happy with where you are at and appreciate the people in your life and show them with your body language.” Karen – Executive

“The most valuable things I learned was change comes from within. Different ways around things by hearing what people say and my own presentation.” Amy – C2 Public Servant

“Thank you. It’s exciting to value and learn to be even more confident. How important being relaxed is, and also the importance of eye contact.” Namita – Clinical Trials Assistant

“The participants all contributed willingly. The trainer, Julie-Anne, was able to guide and steer our questions back to the relevant course notes and core point and keep us focused. The information and its presentation was given in a generous and friendly manner and this helped the participants open up. Thank you Julie-Anne.” Gabrielle – Sports Umpire

“I now understand that it is my choice to be interpreted well. I gained an understanding on the different ways people think and now able to communicate with them more effectively.” Naomi – HR Manager


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Transport & Parking:

  • 2 minute walk from Gertrude, Smith and Brunswick streets and Victoria Pde
  • Easily accessed by the 86, 96 and Victoria Pde trams
  • The surrounding streets provide some all day parking on weekends and evenings, otherwise there are 1, 2 or 4 hour zones (a large public carpark will be available nearby in Smith St in 2013/2014)

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Bring with you a brilliant attitude, open heart, fun spirit, cushion, pens, textas, layers of clothes in case you get cold or warm or both! Any special dietary needs.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can email team Jewells at or call Jewells directly on 0403 577 553.