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Our brilliant students share their own journey with NLP

Avesh Maharaj Avesh Maharaj is a Sales Manager. He arrived at the Mind Mastery with NLP Practitioner training looking to increase his confidence in communicating effectively and also overcome his anxiety about speaking publicly especially within his work environment. After the training was complete, he shares how this course has positively impacted and influenced many different aspects of his life not just business. He had already noticed the changes within a couple of days. And was eager to continue to learn and grow. Avesh congratulations!

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Stuart Beverly is a dairy farmer in Gippsland committed to achieving excellence. That was his WHY for attending our Mind Mastery with NLP Training. He completed it with his wife – was it the right decision? Here’s what he has to say about arriving curious and leaving with a different perspective.

Music: Dispersion Relation | Kevin McLeod

Kellie Beverly is a Flower Essence Therapist and Goddess Playshop facilitator from Gippsland. Kell loves learning about herself and unlocking the hidden patterns that can keep us blocked. She seized this opportunity to be her best and have the tools to help others to be their best too. PS. Kell did the course with her husband and she said “I never thought it possible to have the depth of communication and connectedness that we now have in our relationship.”

Music: Dispersion Relation | Kevin McLeod

Francesca James is a Bold Coach. She is currently in transition and felt this course would give her the Mind Mastery she required to excel in both her business and her life. Her intention is to experience the transformation and let go of her own inner gunk so she can actualise BOLD FOR LIFE. She thought she would have 80 breakthrough moments but guess how many she really had…

Music: Dispersion Relation | Kevin McLeod

“Jewells is an absolutely amazing person who gives openly from her heart. My training in the NLP Practitioner Certification has been a wonderful journey, with lots of challenges and growth that will carry me forward to a future of possibilities. Thank you Jewells xx.” Tracey McQueen – Social Worker 


“Jewells is a mind-blowing facilitator in every way. Besides the fact that she lives what she teaches and knows it intimately, she has an amazing gift to be able to hold you as you stretch your wings to fly. Her insight and ability to BE WITH YOU, enable the gentle unfolding and uplifting of your heart, soul and spirit. Thanks Jewells.” Catherine Maguire – Registered Nurse 


“An amazing 8 days, made all the more exciting by the realisation that they were just the first 8 days in my NLP journey. Thank you.” Charles Alpren – GP 



“Thank you! An absolutely fantastic and soulful journey. To anyone considering in investing in themselves and their future … you need look no further …Julie-Anne Black and the team at “Be Brilliant Now” are well equipped to assist with your individual journey. Jewells brings her smile, zest for life, and commitment to coaching, to a level I have never experienced before. At all times during my training and journey I felt I was in safe hands, and the discoveries made are well worth the investment. May you cherish the opportunity to be coached by a most amazing, colourful and loving soul. For training with a heart … you need look no further.” Alex Gonzalez – Business Owner 


“NLP Practitioner Training with Jewells opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, opportunities and creation where I’m behaving in a manner supportive of my own success and that of others. The potential applications of what I’ve learned are extraordinary and I’m amazed to see the contribution I’m already making and impacting upon the personal and business objectives of my clients, colleagues and comrades. Committed to her students success and evolution, Jewells is truly brilliant and facilitates in a refreshingly real way. I recommend her without reservation. Being Brilliant Now!.” Rebecca Mutch – Training Manager


“WOW, what a challenging 8 days (and the rest!) Julie-Anne is great at building rapport, and she doesn’t stop at ‘being nice’; she’s honest in her feedback and challenges constructively. The course content is mentally stimulating and when learning the ‘toolkit of techniques’ we were provided with plenty of interactive opportunities. Completing the course has made a difference in my life and I feel energized to help others. Thanks J”  Amanda Booth – HR Manager


“I came into the course so business focused to help build a program I’m creating, yet came out with so much more! My whole mindset has had a big shake up and I have realized how to stay in control no matter the situation – it’s truly an amazing feeling! 🙂 Thank you Jewells for an eye-opening and unforgettable experience.” 
Andrew Zagami – Business Owner  


“Enormous thanks to Julie-Anne for the wonderful tuition on the NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis course that I attended. She has given me the tools to continue forward with a positive mind set. With Julie-Anne’s brilliant guidance and leadership, I have learnt how to view the world with different eyes, so to speak. With this new skill, I can now attract the type of business and people that make a fantastic difference to my life. Julie-Anne is truly inspiring in every way and is always full of knowledge on how to help a person get ahead or out of any situation successfully. All her methods can be applied to your business and personal circumstances. Her energy is infectious and is evidenced by how she lifts a person or group’s way of thinking in order to move ahead with new and positive ways of thinking in order to achieve your goals. Thank you Julie-Anne, I wish I had attended your course & workshops years ago.” Sue Hayter – Director – Trusted Mortgage Broker