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Julie-Anne’s VIP clients share their personal experience

Michael Gamble Trauma To Triumph VIP Mentoring Program
When Michael Gamble’s stepdad saw Jewells speak at a conference, he ran home to his wife and explained how he’d met someone who will be able to help their son rediscover a passion for living. Michael was experiencing the lowest point in his life. He was consumed with hopelessness and could see no way of turning his life around. Here we see where Michael began his journey. As he learns and employs the tools Jewells teaches him, his mindset shifts from disempowered to empowered. Michaels’ journey started with a Signature VIP Day 8-hours of profound insight about YOU, who you’ve been, how you’ve been hiding and most importantly we uncover WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME!

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Rebecca Mutch is an absolute joy of a person. And she has lived a great life but inside she felt that even though she had achieved tremendous success in many areas there was something still left unresolved. As if she had got to the summit and was now wondering what was next… Her answer – was to embark on a transformational journey like no other. Hear her story here.

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Graham Maddicks Hi, my name is Graham and music is my passion. I have been playing Drums for 35 years and although I’ve done well I feel I haven’t reached my full potential and goal of being a full time musician.

Prior to working with Jules I have felt depressed, lacked direction and self confidence. Although I have had counseling in the past I feel that  I have achieved more in the last 6 months clearing the blocks and patterns that have been holding me back than ever before.

Jules has given me the tools I need to create the future I have always dreamed of. I feel more energetic, positive and excited and I am now in the process of taking myself to another level…. personally and professionally.

I feel happy and it’s awesome….thanks Jules! PS: My girlfriend Kathy thinks the change is awesome as well……. Graham Maddicks – Drummer

Kim McInnes. “Since I have been working with Julie-Anne I feel I can attack life with a new attitude and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s the simple language and all important self talk that was making my life miserable and Julie-Anne has helped me to turn those thoughts around. She has helped me recognise why and when these thoughts happen and how I can redirect them. Julie-Anne blossoms with life and understanding and her passion and desire to help people is inspiring and warming.

I feel like I could tell Julie-Anne anything and she will not judge, she is very easy to talk to. She is determined I leave the session with fresh new concepts that will help me move forward and up in this marvelous and mysterious journey we call life. I am always excited to find out what revelations we will have next time and am certain I will leave the session in a positive mind frame and with a stronger and more precise understanding of ways to remain there. She has helped me to grow. Her beautiful energy is such a delight to be around also. I thank Julie-Anne for all her learnings and her ability to pass these wonderful lessons on. Thank you.” Kim McInnes – Singer/Songwriter

Caroline Parkes “I have worked with Julie-Anne over quite a few months and never experienced such personal insight and growth. With Julie-Anne’s careful and loving guidance, my life has moved profoundly. She nurtured my heart, challenged my mind, questioned my assumptions and offered me her wisdom. Coaches are everywhere. Great coaches are rare and Julie-Anne is in the realm of the truly amazing!” Caroline Parkes – Business Leader

Robbie Burke “Julie-Anne was a fantastic coach to work with. She helped me identify the issues that were holding me back in my personal and professional life – and then helped me establish a path forward. Her approach is incredibly open and generous. I now feel really positive about the future and have the tools to make sure i stay that way. Thanks JA.”
Robbie Burke – Film maker 

Shakira Piggott “If you’re not sure whether to take on a life coach all I can say is give Julie-Anne the chance to turn your life around, you won’t regret it. Julie-Anne has been coaching me for the past three months and she has made me accountable for my own actions, given me the tools and the courage to actually follow my passion and to stop making excuses. I’m heading in a new, colourful and exciting direction and it was so wonderful getting to this position with the help of such a wonderful woman in a supportive, creative and effervescent environment. The possibilities are endless.” Shakira Piggott – Music Producer

Rachel Delany “It’s been a gift from a goddess and a step I asked to take in becoming more attuned to a business perspective and simply doing it. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and courageous heart. To those considering coaching and Julie-Anne – congratulations on such a great decision!” Rachel Delany – Singer/Songwriter

“Here’s to being present, here’s to stepping up and doing what it takes and especially here’s to you angel lady Julie-Anne Black who has helped me so enormously it brings tears to my eyes. This is a continuously and forever amazing journey.” Rachel Delany – Singer/Songwriter (6 months later)

Erin McKeown “Julie-Anne is truly one of those amazing people you meet in your lifetime, someone that you will never forget, she has helped me change my life. I now have a focus and understanding that has assisted me in all areas of my life, professionally and personally as I gain an understanding of my purpose. She truly has a gift, her passion and enthusiasm is so addictive as you work through what life is all about.

I now am responsible for my own decisions, identifying and fulfilling my lifetime goals, improving my relationships with people, and helping achieve the best life possible for me! If you are feeling a little lost, or looking for something to help you move forward then I would highly recommend Julie-Anne.

The shifts you will feel will be almost immediate as you learn to listen to your heart and are provided with the tools and knowledge to change your world. The growth and possibilities are endless.” Erin McKeown – Group Leasing Administrator

Patrick Donnelly “I had the opportunity to attend a Signature VIP Day with Julie-Anne Black. Julie-Anne is not only a very warm, caring and considerate person, but she is a very talented practitioner. Julie-Anne is thorough and purposeful. She helped me deal with some negative emotions and completely cleared them from my life. She also helped me to deal with some past issues that I have been carrying for years.

Since our session I have found an inner peace that I had not previously experienced. I am focused clearly on the future and have a renewed energy to achieve my goals. I would certainly recommend Julie-Anne to anyone who wants to make their life dreams come true.” Patrick Donnelly – Principal Consultant Mentor Management

Tim Malkin “The great thing about Julie-Anne is that she has an amazing ability to get to the source of the problem. She has a lot of skills to help you find out what you need to know about yourself. This includes working with your body so you get to the truth, your body doesn’t lie.

At the end of the day I was genuinely amazed at what I had learned. I walked away with some fantastic skills and realisations to help me get to where I want to be. Julie-Anne is brilliant at what she does and I definitely recommend her to anyone!” Tim Malkin – Trader

Paul Wesley-Smith “What can I say about Julie-Anne Black? Julie-Anne was born for life coaching. I have no hesitation in saying that I believe it to be her ‘calling’. She is an inspiration. She has a passion and enthusiasm for living which is constantly demonstrated in the way she lives her own life.

Julie-Anne is a compassionate and genuine person. She listens intently and empathetically and possesses the ability to understand you. She has an amazing talent for helping you see your own life, or situations in life, from a different angle by encouraging and guiding you through an honest exploration of yourself.

She challenges you to believe in yourself. Julie-Anne has helped me to understand myself better, identify and set my own life goals and most importantly she is encouraging me to dare to dream again (and chase those dreams). Jules, you’ll make many people’s lives better. Thank you.“ Paul Wesley-Smith – Photographer 

Briony Pettigrew “I had forgotten about having fun, and it was a great reminder for me to not be so serious. Have fun while looking in the lions mouth, makes it that much easier! The access to post coach assistance and support is excellent too.” Briony Pettigrew – Mum, TV Presenter, Entrepreneur