Hand Analysis

Your very own fingerprints describe the life your were born to have…

Jenni Mears from Whole Mind & Body Radiance arrived looking for confirmation. She knew what her heart yearned to do but doubt still crept in. She wanted her life purpose revealed to her so she could get on and do it!! And that’s what she got. Congratulations Jenni! It’s time to be brilliant now.

Music: Willow and the light | Kevin McLeod

Derek Keatley arrived lost, stuck and confused about his direction and future. He’d just arrived from Ireland ready to make a new life for himself in Australia. He had some pertinent questions that he wanted answered. He wanted permission to go after his hearts desires. His very own fingerprints gave him that permission. How powerful is that – to be finally given permission to go after your dreams from your own body’s blueprint! Simply brilliant!

Music: Dispersion Relation | Kevin McLeod

“Wow, I have just experienced a Hand Analysis Reading from the lovely Julie-Anne Black. Talking with Julie-Anne and uncovering what my hands were to reveal, many pieces of the puzzle finally came together for me, and as a result I have clarity and certainty that the pathway that I was reluctant to take is indeed where I need to go.

I have now discovered my Life Purpose and it was as if I always knew that I was to take this pathway, but there was always that bit of me that held up the obstacles that stopped me becoming who I am meant to be. I am very excited to discover and learn my Life Purpose and am looking forward to continuing my journey towards my goal.

Since discovering this I have had amazing peace in knowing that I am able to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my dream. Thank you Jules, you are an amazing and remarkable woman and I am honoured to have met you.” Gail Mastrowicz – Creative New Beginnings

“If you’re interested in confirming your life purpose, uncovering the roadblocks that always seem to come up or finding out how to remain “on-track” I highly recommend a Hand Analysis session with Julie-anne Black.  Her energy, insights and caring approach coupled with the rock-solid information that’s revealed makes these sessions even more valuable.”  Kylie Saunder