Goals Made Easy

Goals Made Easy

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7 Steps To Producing What You Want so you can Be Brilliant Now

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One way to be brilliant now is to set big juicy goals, create and plan and achieve them. In this video Julie-Anne shares the ritual she goes through at the start of the year to make sure she stays on track. We’d love to hear from you and what your big juicy plans are for 2013. Make sure you share your comments below.

For each area of your life – Career, Relationships, Love life, Health & Fitness, Finances, Play and social time, Contribution and Spirituality use this formula. Yes – I know it will take some time, energy and attention but doing it now will set you up for an amazing year. I promise the pay-off is worth it beyond measure. [purchase_link id=”2045″ style=”button” color=”green” text=”Produce what you want!”]

Julie-Anne ‘Jewells’ Black is an international speaker, author and creator of Be Brilliant Now. Her training programs show emerging leaders how to be bold, sassy and influential communicators in life and business.

She’ll help you escape Groundhog Day, direct their future and be the star of their life.

Julie-Anne combines 22 years experience to share the secrets she’s learnt both on camera and behind the scenes as a production manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and top television producer for some of Australia’s favourite TV shows including Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. She’s been interviewed for radio in Australia and USA and featured in publications CLEO, MX and Executive PA among others.

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