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Jewells is “The Producer of Irresistible Communicators”

Being one of Australia’s most dynamic motivational speakers and leading experts in Mindset, NLP and Body Language, your audience receives huge benefits. Her keynote presentations will captivate, educate and inspire your audience to transform the way they think, act and communicate. Jewells is big on giving lots of content with practical techniques that are easy to master. She will share formulas and strategies you can implement immediately for positive results today.

With so many speakers to choose from, there are only a handful who exude the experience, raw charm, insight, and infectious enthusiasm of Julie-Anne. Leading the way for professional women, emerging leaders and creative entrepreneurs, Jewells shares fresh, practical tools that inspires new thinking to make your life easier. Imagine reducing your stress and increasing your happiness in a single presentation!

It’s true that everyone loves a good drama, and the combination of Julie-Anne’s problematic childhood, tremendous success as a TV Producer and now as an International Speaker, Author and Mentor, set the perfect stage to share her most intimate insights on what it truly takes to be brilliant now.

~ On Stage ~

Julie-Anne’s beaming smile, infectious enthusiasm and zing are big draws on the international stage as leaders all over the world seek her expertise. Combining her innovative success strategies with steps for both personal and professional expansion — she helps leaders take their businesses and lives to whole new level of excellence.

Julie-Anne conveys unique and practical ideas and demonstrations that can have you take charge of yourself and the impact you have on those closest to you. Implement the tools learnt to change your focus, words and body language to confidently transform your results today.

~ Julie-Anne gives her audiences wings ~

Julie-Anne’s global mission is to share the fundamental basics into how and why we communicate the way we do. Being an irresistible communicator with unshakable confidence and super star appeal will help you make better quality decisions that support you and those you care most about. Her commitment to deliver compelling content with energy, passion and humour to make your event an extraordinary experience in the lives of your audience members, is second to none.

~ Her style is unique, innovative, cheeky, intuitive, purposeful and entertaining. ~

Considered one of the hottest rising stars, Julie-Anne is available for media appearances, corporate, school and public conferences, seminars, events, and industry-specific trainings.

Core Messages:

  • Keys to a brilliant mindset
  • What it takes to have a physiology and psychology of excellence
  • Creating a compelling future
  • Solutions outside the ‘normal’ realm of thinking
  • Success strategies to ensure you achieve spectacular results
  • Improve creative output
  • Practical tools that can be used immediately
  • Demystifying the fear of not fulfilling your potential
  • Blast away illusionary obstacles that keep you blocked
  • Release the frustration with past and current results
  • Turn lack of trust into genuine self-love and hope.

Engagement Manager:

To enquire about Jewells speaking at your next event or to receive her press kit please contact Team Jewells via email at or call 613 9534 0065.

Julie-Anne travels from Melbourne, Australia.

~ 5 Reasons Conference and Meeting Planners LOVE Booking Jewells… ~

  1. Skilled Presenter (Your role becomes easier when working with a skilled presenter like Jewells) Jewells has delivered over 800 transformational presentations at events, conferences, seminars, luncheons, meetings, and master classes worldwide.
  2. Your Audience Will Be Empowered To Achieve Spectacular Results Today.
    Jewells mixes enthusiasm and humour with motivational stories to deliver a high-content message that captivates, educates and inspires.
  3. Successful Businesswoman
    Jewells began making money as a fashion model when she was just 8 years old, modeling for TV commercials, poster boards, and magazines. With an instant passion for the entertainment industry, she worked in her school holidays as an assistant to a Casting Director and was managing a modeling agency by 19. In her early twenties, she entered the TV industry and with meteoric speed went from a Production Assistant to Producer within only 15 months. Now running her own successful multi-platform business, she collaborates with other inspired entrepreneurs around the globe to deliver a message of hope and the spectacular. Her achievements with Be Brilliant Now won her a nomination in the 2011 Telstra Australian Business Women’s Awards.
  4. Inspirational Content
    Jewells moves your audience with her own personal story of “trauma to triumph”. She is a passionate innovative leader, entrepreneur, and gifted healer; delivering her world vision with an open heart. She shares success strategies that can be implemented immediately. The content is practical, easy to master, powerful, and inspiring.
  5. Deliverd with Infectious Enthusiasm
    Jewells touches your audience with energy, purpose, passion, and intent – every single time. She designs a signature message with core tips to make the most significant difference in the lives of your audience members.

Jewells speaks on a range of topics that support you to master your mind, create spectacular results and reach a new level of excellence. They include:

From Trauma To Triumph™ How You Can Be Brilliant Now

(From 20 minutes)

In this inspiring keynote, Julie-Anne’s natural storytelling ability will lead your audience through a compelling personal and heartfelt journey that will deliver an uplifting message sure to touch the heart and soul of your audience. On a personal level, this is a tribute to her Dad who died when she was only 6 years old. On a global, world-vision level she’s saying, ‘Don’t wait until it’s too late to live a rewarding, spectacular life that is already within your reach today.’

Focus On Demand

(From 90 minutes)

The ability to Focus On Demand in any situation is critical if you truly want to create spectacular results and elevate to a new level of excellence. In this energising presentation, Jewells reveals her secrets that will lead your audience from “mind servitude” to “mind mastery”. She will demonstrate how you can move from getting mediocre results to extraordinary results in 7 simple steps. Julie-Anne gets you to bust through the myths to say, “I Can!”

Other popular topics include:

  • 3 Tips to start controlling your thoughts TODAY!
  • Leadership. Begins with You.
  • Who Do You Want To Become?
  • Get Strategic, Get A Life!
  • Doing Whatever It Takes Is Much More Than Just Showing Up!
  • Your Thoughts Create Your Ideal Body
  • Sexy and Single
  • Purpose, Passion and Success
  • Reconnect With Your Inner Goddess

~ Your Audience is Guaranteed to CONNECT, REFLECT, AND BE INSPIRED! ~

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