Midday Motivator

How happy are your team?

How much time do you spend fixing attitudes, dealing with team members that don’t do as they’re told, that argue with you, that aren’t taking responsibility for what they should and are generally unmotivated to give or do their best?

One of the large International Corporations surveyed 3000 of their employees. 46% said they were only at their job until they found something better; over 60% said they didn’t like their manager and would leave because of them.

This is critical.

In another survey 1500 CEO’s identified creativity as the number #1 leadership requirement  of the future. What are you doing to harness your leaders and enhance their creativity and performance?

~ Change the way you think and act ~

It’s time to get your team inspired and energised with a Midday Motivational talk from Acclaimed educator in body language, instant confidence, performance and mind mastery, Julie-Anne Black.

Our fresh and inspiring lunchtime presentations are a great way for staff to get focused and motivated, to think and act more positively within themselves and towards each other.

~ Practical tools you can implement immediately ~

Our 2-hour power chats have been designed to share big value quickly. We focus on delivering a power pack of practical tools your employees can implement immediately. Encouraging your team to be happy, engaged, focused and motivated, are vital ingredients in every successful business.

Statistics show, that when people are happy, they perform better, this boosts productivity, which ultimately increases your bottom line. Statistics also show that being genuine communicators keeps people happy.

Our presentation encourages your team to:

  • Get passionate about being their best
  • Achieve instant confidence
  • Communicate with purpose and intent
  • Be inspired and motivated for better performance
  • Get focused and clear on the big picture and key objectives

~ A proven approach to enhanced communication ~

The Midday Motivators share a proven and practical approach combining three critical keys – focus, language and physiology.  Are you ready for a jab of inspiration and positivity!

“Julie-Anne is a passionate and energetic speaker and expert in sharing fresh and inspiring ways
that inject you with new thinking delivering better, happier and more positive results.”


Enhanced Communication > Better Performance > Improved Productivity
= Happier staff + Increased Bottom Line

Our guarantee:

We guarantee our Midday Motivator will:

  • Enhance communication
  • Increase positivity
  • Instantly build confidence
  • Provide thinking outside the box
  • Deliver quick remedies for staff to become passionate about being their best
  • Plus it’s fun, unique, practical and easy to master