Are you feeling stressed and uncertain about how to create a better future?

Maybe you’ve lost focus and direction and need a little help identifying what it is you actually want your life to look, sound and feel like.

I Can – Create a Better Future is designed to help you assess where you are right now, and more importantly take control of where you want to go.

This Bootcamp 8-hour Intensive will get you focused, energized, excited and most importantly give you the blueprint to make it happen.


This is a goal setting workshop like never before, teaching you both the art and science to achieving goals. It’s important to acknowledge that creating the life you want, starts with clarity and excitement!

Most of us desire change in many areas of our life, but many of us don’t know HOW to make positive change happen.

We guarantee to guide you in a fun, light hearted and very informative way as we gently teach you how to move beyond your perceived mental roadblocks.

You will learn that YOU CAN change the things you’re unhappy about. YOU CAN achieve the dreams you have in your heart and this course gives you the tools to make it happen.

The Key Outcomes:

  1. Learn why some goals succeed and some fail
  2. Understand the keys to achieving your outcome
  3. How to create well formed outcomes
  4. Raise the bar in your life, set new boundaries and step up
  5. Set goals that you will achieve
  6. Practice advanced skills to activate your compelling future
  7. Create a vision board to make it happen
  8. Unleash the motivation and clarity to create lasting change
  9. Bring awareness to the language we use to describe our talents, our experiences and ourselves
  10. How affirming language – the language of ‘I can!’ – powerfully transforms the way we approach our tasks, our doubts and our own identity.

You don’t need to have the perfect plan. You don’t need all the pieces already in place. YOU DO need your imagination, a sense of fun and a CAN DO attitude.

This day has one objective in mind to reignite your passion for life and give you a spark of Inspiration.

Designed For:

Everyone interested in getting inspired and creating a life they love. Those dedicated people that are prepared do whatever it takes on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to activate it into reality.


8 hours (1-day)


$697 per person

What’s included:

  • Action Guide
  • Light Lunch including gourmet sandwiches
  • Use of supplied props
  • Creation of your own Vision Board(s)

Rediscover what you really want and start living your life with passion, purpose and intent. It’s time to say “I CAN CREATE A BETTER FUTURE!”