Born For Success



Sometimes your behaviours stink and you’re sick of it!

Sometimes you get into trouble and you didn’t even mean it!

Sometimes you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall!

What if you could have a magic wand to change some negative habits!

Shake up old beliefs and challenge yourself to be open to different perspectives. Learn practical, easy to master techniques that deliver long lasting change quickly and effectively. If this is you then hang on for one hell of a ride!

If you’re ready to reach your full potential harnessing the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), then this 8-hour intensive will help you kick-start new thinking for spectacular results!


NLP gives you the techniques to change and eliminate behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you, by giving you the ability to harness your mental, emotional and physical states of well-being.

This course is most suited to anyone wanting to tweak his or her internal programming to create better strategies that move you towards your goals and objectives quickly and effectively.

The Key Outcomes:

  1. Understand how we learn, communicate and develop as individuals
  2. Move your mind from servitude to mastery
  3. Create personal triggers to instantly change your state of being
  4. Learn how to manage your moods and feelings with anchoring
  5. Control your emotions – not be controlled by them
  6. Learn to run your own brain exploring the shades of meaning
  7. Turn limiting patterns into empowering behaviours
  8. Use simple Swish Patterns to remove unsupportive states and emotions
  9. Build strategies that guarantee your success

Designed For:

Those devoted to mastering their internal game to maximize their ability to create outstanding external success both personally and professionally will benefit from attending this 8-hour intensive.

  • Directors, Actors, Musicians, Publicists, Producers, Stage Managers, Production Managers, DOP’s, Assistant Directors, Make-up Artists, Stylists, Photographers, Event Producers, Journalists
  • CEO’s, Executives, HR Managers, Team Leaders, Sales Executives, Customer Service Professionals
  • Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Sole Traders
  • Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Mentors, Consultants
  • Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Teachers,
  • Natural and Complimentary Therapists, those in the Healing Arts
  • Parents, Child Care Workers, Social Workers, Counselors


8 hours (1-day)


$697 per person

What’s included:

  • Action Guide
  • Light Lunch including gourmet sandwiches
  • Use of supplied props

You will be amazed with how simple techniques can transform you from great to brilliant. Practice the tools you learn and you will become masterful.