Bootcamp Courses (1 day)

So you’re looking for a booster? A quick JAB of Inspiration? A refresher or introduction to move your mindset and performance from good to brilliant!

Meticulously designed for thought leaders, creative players and anyone eager to receive lasting change quickly and effectively.

Our Bootcamp Courses specialize in delivering NLP,  advanced communication and body language techniques to propel you towards your goal of becoming a masterful communicator and success strategist.

We appreciate that being outstanding in life and business takes a lot more than simply showing up. To get the most leverage, and to maximize your results, it is important to be consistently at the top of your game.

That’s why our seminars focus on providing you with a safe space to be seen and heard. This is an incubator environment where you will be given the tools and concepts to openly explore how you can abolish some of your most hardwired limiting habits, transforming them into new beliefs that will carry you forward successfully. Giving you long lasting change quickly and effectively.

Unleash your burning desire to have excellent communication, congruent body language, and a tool belt of powerful strategies that conspire for the success of all involved.

In a recent survey of over 1500 CEO’s, they identified that creativity will be the #1 leadership competency of the future, are you ready to be the leader you were born to be?

Our delivery style is unique, innovative, cheeky, intuitive, purposeful and entertaining. All session are interactive, thought provoking and brilliantly inspiring.

1-day Bootcamp Course for Mind Mastery include:

  • Body Language – Thinking On Your Feet
  • Born For Success – Mastering Peak Mental Performance
  • I Can – Create A Better Life
  • Your Thoughts Create Your Ideal Body
  • Sexy and Single – Attracting Your Ideal Partner
  • Goddess Playshops