Our Process

Imagine your life was a TV show. Would you watch it?


What if producing a brilliant life was a lot like producing a hit TV show! And being a ratings success or flop depends on how you connect, engage and communicate with your audience.

No matter what you want to achieve, you must convince yourself and others of the value you offer. To do that you need to be heard. Having a voice of influence and matching it with an inspiring presence is what will give you that ‘je ne sais quoi’ star performers seem to so ooze naturally.

The good news is, being a bold and irresistible communicator is a skill you can master. It’s not something most people are inherently born with. It’s a craft that needs to be honed and perfected.

Over the years of being a top television Producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and a production manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony) and Mindset, Body Language and NLP Trainer, if there’s one thing I’ve become sure of as I’ve stepped from stage to stage, is that communication is a system – it’s not accidental. As long as you follow the steps, you can communicate like a Super Star – ALL THE TIME!

Our method is based on mastering 5 key roles:

BBN Methodology Draft Graphic

1. The Producer. Your Life Purpose and Vision.

Have you designed a compelling life purpose that fuels you with passion to take action in actualising your vision so you can live a life you love?

Step One is about starting with the end in mind. Knowing you are The Producer of your life and you have overall creative control for bringing your life purpose to fruition is the most powerful insight to have. That means you need to design a clear vision and framework for how you want your life to look, sound and feel. What is your life purpose, your dreams and aspirations – do you know? And if you do have you given yourself permission to go after it with every cell in your body?

2. The Scriptwriter. Your story and beliefs.

Are you writing a storyline for your life that empowers you to be brilliant now?

Step Two is to define the your story of your past and recognise how it has shaped your behaviours and who you are today.As The Scriptwriter you tell your story. You write the scenes you appear in, you shape your character narrating your thoughts, words, actions and reactions. You are in charge of determining how you manage the plot twists that come your way.  What beliefs run your life? Do you find yourself repeating the same script even though you are sick and tired of finding yourself repeating the same scene? Do you know how to change the thoughts that feel as if they’ve been hardwired?

3. The Director. Your focus and perspectives.

Are you in creative control of your life directing each scene to influence your best performance?

Direct the focus of your mind and see life from different camera angles. As The Director you bring your life purpose to life everyday. You work in conjunction with the values and goals to be achieved. You are in charge of directing the cast and crew so as to influence their best performances in the different life scenes in your life production.

4. The Star. Your signature style and performance.

Do you take centre stage portraying your character in a genuine, believable and engaging way?


5. The Audience. Your results and outcomes.

Sitting in front row of your life, are you on the edge of your seat captivated to know how it will all turn out?