Life Assessment

This is a unique personality profiling tool for anyone wanting to understand their life purpose. 

Have you been searching for your life purpose? Would you like to know what holds you back from embracing it? What if we could share with you a unique and scientific based technique that can provide you with these answers! Would you jump at the opportunity with both hands?

You may have even expended enormous amounts of time, energy and resources trying to figure out what on earth you are here to do, share and contribute. Felt that changing jobs, career, location and even your mindset would bring you closer to the answers. But your true calling still seemed to remain elusive to you. Now it is within your grasp, quite literally.

Actually it’s in your fingertips. You know your fingerprints are unique to you, no-one else has a set like yours and they were developed as early as 16 weeks in utero! The brilliant news is their individuality shares vital information about why and what you are here to achieve in this life and why it can sometimes feel like such a struggle to accomplish the results you want.

With this wonderfully simple tool (also know as scientific palmistry), you will discover your mission and confirm what you’ve known to be true in your heart. Your hands and the specific combination of your fingerprints will also uncover and shed light on what prevents you from actualizing ‘Your Brilliant Purpose’ easily and effortlessly.

Your hand reading will help you unlock and decode the secret mysteries that have too often eluded you and stopped you from achieving outstanding results consistently. This can cause so much frustration and anguish and make your life so much harder to fully enjoy. Now with the answers literally in hand, you’ll know how you can make it a whole lot easier!

~ Are you ready to be the solution to your own puzzle? ~

You will benefit from the information revealed in your hand analysis if you are:

  1. Committed to your own transformation.
  2. Flexible towards change within your mindset and behaviour.
  3. Ready to take responsibility for your actions and inactions.
  4. Motivated by conspiring for your own success and also the success of others.
  5. Excited to lead by example to achieve a brilliant life.
  6. Willing to implement boundaries and keep agreements.
  7. Trusting of yourself and what life offers.
  8. Dedicated to continuous action in the direction of your purpose.
  9. Prepared to invest in yourself.

The history of fingerprints

In Europe, through the late 6th century scholars from Aristotle to Paracelsus would teach the messages that were carried in our hands. In 608 the T’ang Dynasty in China used fingerprints as a source of identification, and in 8th century Japan legal documents were signed with the use of a thumbprint. The FBI started using this system in the late 19th century, because they considered matching fingerprints to criminals was the most accurate method to track and identify them. By 1922, many large cities had started their own fingerprint collections.

So we can see throughout history fingerprints have played a significant role in identifying one person from another.

What’s also interesting is there have been thousands and thousands of studies, research, literature and medical journals that document various medical and psychological conditions to have certain fingerprint traits in common. In 1926, Harold Cummins MD coined the name Dermatoglyphics (dermato = skin, glyphics = carvings) a scientific term for the study of fingerprints, related lines and hand shape designations. In fact fingerprints form a topographical map prior to birth, a map that will remain unaltered throughout ones life. So if human fingerprints are like a map, a map is a tool that tells you where you are and how to get to where you need to go.

The birth of hand analysis as we now know it

Richard Unger developed the LifePrints hand analysis system and by 1979 he had read more than 12,000 pairs of hands. During his extensive research and every increasing fascination, Richard Unger overlaid the systems of dermatoglyphics and palmistry as they both derived to form hand topography. One employs a scientific method, the other is based on folklore and thousands of years of anecdotal experience. As he says, one is high tech, the other, ancient wisdom.

He learned that each fingerprint is composed of between fifty and one hundred lines, each line having its own signature. The fact that each fingerprint is unique and unalterable but easy to categorise is what makes fingerprint identification the useful tool that it is. Richard says that our fingerprints are a soul-level imprint. They are the map to our core psychology.

He writes, “five months before you were born, a pattern appeared on your body, one with design characteristics similar to the wave impressions left on a beach. Call it a soul map, a holographic image or a DNA printout, a bar-coded peek at the biological legacy of your ancestors. Consider it your transcript as you begin a new semester at the Earth University.”

During Your One-Hour Telephone Session:

During your hand analysis session I will present you with 3 powerful keys of information about yourself :

  1. Your Life School – The core essence and theme of your life. This very foundation will teach you how to embody and radiate your purpose more authentically.
  2. The lessons, blind spots and gremlins that can keep you blocked from actualizing your purpose easily and effortlessly.
  3. Confirmation of ‘Your Brilliant Purpose’ and soul’s plan. The true expression of what you are here to contribute to the world.

With these 3 powerful keys of information in hand, you will place yourself firmly in the drivers’ seat of your life. You will know ‘Your Brilliant Purpose’ and what you can do to remain grounded and focused to achieve it. You will also know what key patterns keep you blocked from actualizing and fulfilling that purpose. Having this complete awareness can transform the way you think and act.

After the reading you will receive:

  1. MP3 recording of the analysis so you can review the material again in the future.
  2. A Special Report featuring the information found in your hands.
  3. Certificate summarizing your Life School, Life Lesson, Life Purpose as a memento and reminder.

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