Blockbuster Discovery Session

Blockbuster Discovery Session Questionnaire

Congratulations for taking the next step to be brilliant now. You definitely are a high achiever and we value your time and applaud your commitment to invest in your own personal growth and transformation. We know that when you respond honestly to the following questions, answering each one to the best of your ability that means you are ready to create change now. We respect that the information you submit is confidential and also fundamental in better understanding your needs and requirements. Since your unconscious mind is listening all the time, it is important that you share as much information as possible for you to realize you have more resources available than ever before. This process will generate a successful point for us to start our Blockbuster Discovery session. Please know that incomplete applications will not be considered. Upon receipt of your ‘Produce Your Future’ questionnaire you will receive a phone call or email from Team Jewells to set up your 60-minute Blockbuster Discovery Session. Book today for only $297 (valued @ $497). We look forward to considering your application so you can achieve your dreams and Be Brilliant Now!

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Q.1 Name 7 things you like in your life right now: (friends, health, creativity, etc.):

Q.2 Name 7 things in your life that you DO NOT like:
(no time to yourself, not earning the money you want, not in the relationship you want, etc)

Q.3 If you could have anything in your life, what would you choose to have or be? In other words, what does your perfect world look, sound and feel like? Who’s in it? Where do you work? What do you do? What do you look like?

Q.4 What made you decide to invest the time to talk with me about your current situation?

Q.5 If your main focus is on your current business, please answer these questions. Where are you currently in your business? (What is your income, how are you working with your clients, what is your team structure, what do you like most versus least in your business)

Q.6 If your main focus is on your on personal success and relationships, please answer these questions. Where are you currently in your life? (What is your income, what is important to you about having a relationship, what do you want to achieve in your life, who do you want to become, what do you like most versus least in your life)

Q.7 What do you perceive the obstacles to be between getting from where you are to where you want to be?

Q.8 In what area do you feel you need the most support, guidance and training in right now?

Q.9 On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most, 1 being the least) how serious are you about growing yourself / your business?

Q.10 What previous training and coaching have you previously invested in to grow yourself / your business and what have been the results?

Q.11 In order for me to effectively coach you, what should I know about you? About what you think or how you operate? About how you reach decisions? About what motivates you? What inspires you? How to support you to bring out your best?

Q.12 Hypothetically, what is your monthly personal/professional development budget and why?

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