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Julie-Anne (Jewells) Black is The Mindset Strategist, an International Speaker and Hunter for the Spectacular. A powerful contributor on the topics of mindset and body language, Jewells mentors emerging thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs and extreme achievers to stop the inner bully, set new standards and step up. She supports you to reach a new level of excellence and be brilliant now.

Let Me Show You Your Greatness…

Let me show your greatness to you so you may see its beauty and feel its vastness. Imagine pulling back a curtain to reveal rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Filled with the most magnificent life. The beauty is prolific, exquisite beyond words. There are animals of […]

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What Shark Teeth And Friendship Have In Common…

~ What a brilliant system ~ I like how sharks have an unlimited supply of teeth! Their teeth grow repeatedly over the course of its life, in fact a tooth or multiples can be replaced approximately every 8-10 days. It’s a fascinating system, because their teeth grow in rows, when […]

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