My Top 20 A-ha Moments

A look back at some of the lessons and my most cherished A-Ha Moments.

  1. When you’re anxious, your unconscious mind is warning you to focus on what you want.
  2. If you remember to breathe deeply enough, it’s physically impossible to freak out.
  3. All doubts are decisions that limit you.
  4. Sometimes life CAN suck; it’s not personal so get on with it.
  5. Doing whatever it takes to live the life of your dreams means far more than just turning up.
  6. What if you will never know “why”, how does that feel? What emotion do you feel? The emotion that comes up is the one we can work with because that emotion is what will ultimately hold you back.
  7. Rather than letting go, imagine if we were to allow the emotion to be true to this moment. Allow the emotions to be. The longer we spend wanting to let it go, knowing why, every moment we spend here binds us to the source of discomfort for longer and longer.
  8. With every word, do I assist and promote growth and expansion? What do the words people use mean? The words are just a bunch of words, it is you that interprets them and places meaning on them. You also point the way with how you live your life. Be an example not a warning.
  9. You must practice concentration and careful awareness. Train your unconscious mind to recall all information for your higher good.
  10. Any self-mastery creates universal mastery. Concentrated effort and persistent practice. We create our bodies with our minds. Train the intellect consistently to become your friend. Then the intellect will support you in what you want.
  11. If you enforce your boundaries the more they will grow. If you don’t enforce them, the boundaries will shrink.
  12. Avoid saying – “I’ll never do that again” it only creates the opportunity to make yourself wrong.
  13. Instead change the thinking – say “I consciously choose to focus on what I want” – the new thing.
  14. Whenever you hate or dislike someone for doing something to you, you take energy away from you and you give it to them. Is that what you want?
  15. Mistakes happen regardless of your evolution. Mistakes can still happen. My personal evolution will never be done, it should never be done. I keep myself open to learning continually. And I close particular things like relationships when they no longer serve our higher good.
  16. It is important for you to be strict with your focus ESPECIALLY when you are tired! Because this is when stuff is most likely to happen, so this is when you need to be the most disciplined.
  17. Empower yourself to commit to a better life and succeed in allowing it to happen.
  18. I made this decision because I want a better life for myself. I’m ready to eradicate the negativity within me. I am as shiny as my smile all the way to the insides. I see and believe in the magnificence of myself and all those closest to me. I have stopped the self-sabotaging commentary and replaced it with encouraging and respectful words of action and inspiration.
  19. Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle them.
  20. Who do you want to become and why?