Recipe To Be Brilliant Now


1 creative thought leader willing, capable, committed and compelled

2-10 cups adventure and fun

1-2 litres water

1 tablespoon of trust

1 teaspoon of resourcefulness

2 handfuls of encouragement

1 handful of clarity

A few drops abundance

A sprinkle of love


❖ First, create a relaxed, comfortable space for brilliance to occur, adding water and trust immediately.

❖ Sift in necessary amounts of adventure and fun adding a dash of resourcefulness when ready.

❖ Gently peel away any anxiety, limiting beliefs and traces of fear before stirring in generous handfuls of encouragement and clarity.

❖ Turn courage up to high and sprinkle with love and abundance.

❖ Bake until happy from the inside out.

Serve with ice-cream (optional)