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Be brilliant now with Julie-Anne Black

My Story

Hi I'm Julie-Anne Black, my friends call me Jewells and you can too. 

I'm here to help you get crystal clear on your dreams and your mission so you can be bold, brave and brilliant to make them your reality.

If you're anything like me, you have a BIG dream to make a massive difference in the world and you'd love to do that by sharing your best work. You've achieved some really great success but you've always known there is more you could become. It's as if you've been getting a metaphysical tap on the shoulder reminding you there is even more brilliance to experience. 

Life is good, don't get me wrong but you feel as though there is something still unanswered and you're at a point in your life and career where you're keen to explore it. You've noticed that you've been in Groundhog Day recently and your zest for life is duller than normal.

I knew this script verbatim. It was my story. I had arrived at a point in my life where I knew there were some sabotaging stories that still plagued me. I was desperate to rewrite them once and for all. It was time to be a peace with my past, so I could live fully in the present and be madly in love with my future. 

Like you, I have always been passionate and given 100% to almost everything I've done. Because of this attitude, I've achieved many really cool things. And rather than celebrating my achievements and harnessing my success I used to cast a shadow over it all of the 'not good enough' variety. At times I would feel crippled by self-doubt, second-guess my ideas and never felt like I had a voice of influence.

Top TV Producer

Having spent 15 years as a top TV and events Producer - a Production Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies I produced some of Australia's favourite TV shows including Who Wants To Be Millionaire. In 2002 I produced the highest rating TV show on Australian television for the year "Test Australia - The National IQ Test" And yet it still troubled me how I could be such a bully to myself. I was my own arch-nemesis and biggest critic. 

This wasn't unusual for passionate, high achieving creatives to feel like this. In fact, it was in these high-pressure environments I became acutely aware of what destroyed the confidence, creativity, and performance in both individuals and teams, myself included.

When you have hundreds of millions of people preparing to tune into your production from all around the world, you only have one take which leaves little room for error.


"It's so much harder to be brilliant when you're telling yourself you're ordinary."

Throughout my career, I've witnessed so many bright stars standing in the shadows of their own potential feeling as if something was left untapped, unresolved and unfulfilled. So I perfected a methodology, a philosophy that helps you to stop leading from behind and start claiming your spotlight.

What started as a very personal quest to heal my own past led me to invite others to do the same. For over a decade now I've studied human behaviour in depth, spent a shit-ton of money on my education and in the process gained so many certificates in different modalities including becoming an internationally accredited mindset, body language, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer.

My research has taken me all around the world to lead dynamic training programs that inspire thousands to be brilliant now in life and business. I've given keynote addresses on stages in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Bali and Australia and if there is one thing I have learned is that communication is a system it's not accidental. As long as you follow the steps you too can change your inner game, master your mind and be brilliant now.

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Mentoring helps you exceed your expectations of what is possible for your to achieve. Let Julie-Anne Black show you how.
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My Passion

I reckon I’m still a work in progress but from where I was to where I am today, I pinch myself with glee. I’m totally devoted to living a life that causes me to be an example of what's possible. I now feel in charge of producing a future that I absolutely love. Every day I’m inspired to create the spectacular with passion, fun, playfulness, and an abundance of love.

My life has been a rich tapestry of chaos and perfection and I suspect this may be how it continues well into the future. Through all the heartache and tears, tantrums and gifts poorly wrapped – I’ve also laughed so hard my cheeks hurt, run the race of my life, wept tears of joy, loved with my whole heart and given everything I’ve got. I have beautiful relationships with friends, peers, colleagues and family I adore and I am so grateful to finally be able to say I love me.

And what’s even cooler is that now I’ve learnt to spread my wings and fly, I’m embarking on projects which I thought would remain captive within my imagination instead of being birthed into reality. I’m collaborating with artists, star creatives and influential thought leaders that are also living their dreams, and this is exciting beyond measure.


It just keeps getting better. The more I have self-mastery, the easier adversity is to face when it comes knocking. I’m motivated by the spectacular and passionate about intuitively creating something out of nothing. Developing authentic connections that inspire and captivate the sparkle in our eyes, smiles and hearts.

Surfing, cooking, yoga, talking, travelling, collaborating, entertaining, photography, making TV and films, and putting on inspirational events all make me ooze with excitement. I love smiling and laughing and my infectious enthusiasm for all things brilliant.

I'm deeply devoted to assisting people to have results based transformation. Helping you produce, write, direct edit and star in your own brilliant life is an honour I cherish with my whole heart.

Are you ready to be brilliant now?

Box Office Success Stories

Carmen Garcia Be Brilliant Now
Carmen Garcia
Community Corporate

Having a barometer in Jewells to help me stop and celebrate the wins has meant the world to me as it helps me see progress and momentum. I am many steps forward from where we started not that long ago. I feel positive about where I'm heading and what I need to do. Jewells I think you are awesome. I'm so happy you came into my life. 🙂 x 

Fiona is one of our brilliant clients. Are you a creative entrepreneurs or emerging leaders ready to produce your best.
Fiona J. Lindsay
The Networking Formula

Thank you SO, SO, SO MUCH for everything you have done for me, put up with and worked through with me. I’ve been trying to get this stuff sorted for the better part of 10 years and just never really found the right person. I knew right from the moment I met you that you were it.  I don’t think I have ever felt this light before in my life. I don’t feel so panicked and chaotic in my head and being which is an amazing relief that I am just not able to put into words. The very fact that I’ve attracted two of my largest paying clients to me in the time we have worked together is pure testimony to the work we’ve done. I just cannot thank you enough. xxx

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